For your living room carpet or your kitchen carpet, you are looking for a quality product which will last in your home for weeks and months, you hesitate between a shaggy carpet, a jute carpet, a wool carpet or a round carpet ?

Pure Deco has selected for you the best design rugs which combine quality, comfort and respect of the environment. We offer you a large choice of design rugs to bring a warm and trendy touch to your decoration.

Modern hallway rugs, design living room rugs, resistant kitchen rugs, cotton entrance rugs or cheap outdoor rugs, discover our collection of original rugs and our range of contemporary products.

Modern hallway rugs, design living room rugs, resistant kitchen rugs, cotton entrance rugs or cheap outdoor rugs, discover our collection of original rugs and our range of contemporary products.

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Original design rugs for a better everyday life

From Edito design rugs to Brita Sweden design rugs, not forgetting wool rugs, we have chosen for you the best in rugs. In a bedroom, a living room or a hallway, you will appreciate the graphic diversity of each carpet model. Here is a list of the different types of original rugs that Pure Deco has selected for you:

  •     The hallway rug or entrance rug.
  •     The living room carpet.
  •     The kitchen carpet.
  •     The bedroom carpet.
  •     The bathroom carpet.
  •     The outdoor rug.

Depending on your house and your needs, you will choose a carpet adapted to the function it will have in the room but also a carpet adapted to the decoration of the room.

Indeed, an outdoor carpet or a kitchen carpet should be more resistant. On the other hand, a designer living room rug or a modern bedroom rug can be made from wool or cotton.

Whether your interior is contemporary, industrial or classic, you can choose a carpet style that fits or, on the contrary, a carpet style that will stand out. For example, for a Scandinavian-inspired interior, you can choose a jute fibre rug. If you want to bring softness to a classic interior, a Berber rug with a wool-like feel will be most effective. In a contemporary kitchen, you can opt for a modern, multi-coloured rug.

To make your choice of carpet according to your decoration and your room, you can play on :

  •     The colours: multicoloured living room carpet, white or beige bedroom carpet, red and black kitchen carpet, pink and white corridor carpet, etc. Some design carpets have a plain colour, other carpets play on the association of different colours. It should also be noted that some design carpets are reversible: you can turn your carpet around to change the atmosphere of your room over the weeks.
  •     Patterns are also important to harmonize your decoration. That's why you'll find a wide variety of patterns on our design rugs: geometric patterns, Scandinavian patterns, patterns evoking nature, floral patterns, etc. The variety of modern patterns in our collection of design rugs allows you to bring out your taste and mood in every room of the house.
  •     The shape of the rug adds an extra touch of originality to your decoration. For example, the sea rush carpet is available in a round shape. You will also find modern rugs with a rectangular shape, cotton rugs or hand-woven rugs, and designer rugs with a nice fringed finish. Finally, rugs made of natural Tibetan sheepskin offer a unique look and feel that will give you a cozy feeling you can't get enough of week after week.
  •     The size of the rug is the last tip for this first selection of design rugs. Most of our products are available in different sizes, so you can be sure that you can adapt the size of your rug to the size of your room.

Kitchen rugs or hallway rugs are more than just decorative accessories. They are rugs that give a soul to a room in the house, that give a style to an interior. Motifs, styles or colours, the inspiration of the designers is limitless to allow you to choose a unique carpet model that will combine perfectly with your decoration.

The characteristics of our range of design rugs

Unlike viscose, which is an artificial textile fibre, we have chosen natural fibres to guarantee you a qualitative and natural product. These natural fibres have been carefully selected and give your kitchen or living room carpet its character. We offer you a wide choice of materials: living room carpet in wool, entrance carpet in jute, modern carpet in natural coconut fibre, hallway carpet in sea rush, etc. We also propose you original carpets in woven PVC which offers resistance and robustness for a kitchen carpet, a hallway carpet or an outdoor carpet.

Besides a large variety of colours and materials, with black and white wool carpet, multicoloured woven PVC carpet or beige jute carpet, the design carpets we offer you also have a list of important properties:

  •     Heat and sound insulation.
  •     Guaranteed free of harmful substances.
  •     Anti-absorbent and anti-static
  •     Compatible with underfloor heating.
  •     Very easy to clean and machine washable.
  •     Hypoallergenic materials.
  •     Etc.

The range of contemporary rugs we have selected for you will warm up your home with a touch of colour, with red or beige, and a touch of softness, with wool or cotton.

The excellent value for money of modern design rugs

You can discover our products online with numerous photos showing the different living room, kitchen and hallway rugs. We have taken great care in creating the photos so that you can see the exact colours, materials, patterns and style of each product. This will allow you to imagine a design carpet in the middle of your decoration and your other accessories. A detailed description will also provide you with every measurement of each style of rug in stock. If you want to touch wool rugs, cotton rugs or woven PVC rugs, we are waiting for you in our shop where you can appreciate the quality of our range of design rugs.

Once you have chosen your model, you will be able to benefit from a fast delivery. Indeed, Pure Deco ships your carpet to the place of your choice, at a low price, within one to two weeks only. When you order online, you will know exactly how long it will take for your rug to be delivered.

The price of the design carpet is doubly advantageous: for the same price, you can benefit from a two-in-one carpet. Indeed, some of our design rugs are reversible, so you can choose the side of your living room rug according to your mood during the week. This means that you can change your decoration without changing your accessories: for example, the black and red rug for the first two weeks and the black and pink rug for the following weeks.
Moreover, regular promotions lower the price of the products of our collection and allow you to dress your interior with a modern and cheap design carpet.

 Thanks to Pure Deco you will not have to choose between quality and price anymore: all the rugs we have selected are of very high quality, like the Kamma Choconoir hand woven rug or the Moutain rug woven according to the Swedish weaving traditions. The product range we have created consists of different styles of modern and inexpensive designer rugs that are suitable for all interior styles. To create a warm space in your living room or bedroom, the cotton design rug or the wool design rug is ideal. To bring an original and modern touch to your decoration, the white and pink patterned rug or the brown and green jute rug is the right product for you. Style is found in every accessory, quality is measured in every material: it is by combining style and quality that you will bring serenity and comfort to your home.

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  • Living room woven rug
    182,50 € Out of stock

    Ideal in a living room, a bedroom or an office, the Red Dandelion rug by Edito will bring charm and poetry to your interior. 

    182,50 €
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  • Colored ethnic rug
    374,17 € Out of stock

    Looking for authenticity and a chic ethnic atmosphere? Opt for the grey and yellow graphic rug Tryptik by Edito. 

    374,17 €
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  • Round seagrass rug 120
    76,67 € Out of stock

    To give your home a natural and authentic look, bet on Bloomingville's seagrass round rug. 

    76,67 €
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