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The decorative paper towel is a product with many advantages. On the technical side, the decorative paper napkin is of high quality, very resistant, absorbent and available in stock at a low price. In terms of table decoration, our collection of disposable napkins allows you to decorate all your festive tables: wedding tables, Christmas tables, birthday tables, but also cocktail parties and professional events. Pink gold, red, beige or gold, choose the colours that will match your theme and the atmosphere of your table. We invite you to discover the complete list of advantages of the decorative paper napkin.
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A complete range of decorative paper napkins for all occasions

Every table deserves high quality disposable napkins. By choosing a non-woven paper napkin, you are choosing a more durable and absorbent napkin than a wadded paper napkin. You are also opting for a more economical towel than a cloth towel. You also buy a pack of decorative napkins that will be ideal for your festive table, such as a birthday meal, a Christmas meal or a wedding.

A decorative paper napkin for every occasion

A wedding, a christening, a communion, a baby shower, but also a birthday or Christmas: every celebration is an opportunity to set a beautiful table. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create or the time of year, you can choose the ideal napkin. Disposable non-woven paper napkins are sold in sets and are very good quality products at a low price.

Here are some ideas for decorating your festive table with disposable non-woven paper napkins:

  • - For your Christmas table, choose a set of disposable non-woven paper napkins with glitter or a winter motif;
  • - for a baby shower, treat yourself with a disposable napkin that looks like you, like the pack of pink gold disposable napkins, the pack of flower disposable napkins, the pack of pink flamingo paper napkins, etc. ;
  • - for a festive meal in winter, choose a pack of disposable napkins with a snowy mountain hut motif or a white chairlift motif;
  • - for a family meal in summer, discover the colourful disposable napkins with seasonal vegetables or peas in different colours;
  • - For a birthday party, choose a package of disposable napkins that match your room decorations such as balloons and candles;
  • - for a wedding, non-woven disposable napkins are decorated with black and gold, flowers, a red heart symbolising love, etc. ;
  • - For a christening or communion, your guests will appreciate pretty non-woven paper napkins with children's motifs or flowers and leaves.

As every party has its own theme, you will find the right napkins in our stock to match your theme and atmosphere.

Cocktail napkin or napkin: choosing the right size

For your evenings with friends, your professional cocktail parties, your family receptions or your summer meals, we offer you a complete range of disposable napkins that can be adapted to your needs. Indeed, we offer two types of disposable napkins

  • - the small 25 x 25 cm decorative paper napkin, ideal for a cocktail party, a tea party or a baby shower;
  • - the large format 40 x 40 cm decorative paper napkin, which will serve as a decoration for each of your meals.

The disposable paper napkin and the disposable cocktail napkin are two very resistant products offering a very good quality/price ratio. In fact, non-woven paper napkins are the most absorbent paper napkins, compared to wadded paper napkins for example. In addition, they have the closest texture to cloth towels.

While for cotton wool paper towels you have to pay attention to the number of folds, this is not the case for the non-woven paper towel. Indeed, the non-woven paper towels we offer in stock are designed and manufactured in France: quality towels at the best price and 100% made in France.

Sublimate your decorative paper napkins thanks to the art of folding

For a banquet or a cocktail party, but also for a wedding or a christening, you can add an extra decorative touch thanks to the art of folding. In contrast to cloth napkins, non-woven paper napkins lend themselves very well to the art of folding.

So you can easily manipulate your disposable paper napkin into an eye-catching shape for your Christmas, birthday or party table:

  • - heart-shaped folding;
  • - wave-shaped folding; - flake-shaped folding;
  • - folding in the shape of a snowflake;
  • - lotus flower folding;
  • - folding in the shape of a fan;
  • - folding in the shape of a butterfly;
  • - butterfly folding ;
  • - etc.

Surprise your guests by giving the shape of your choice to each paper napkin, in cocktail napkin or napkin format.

Choosing a decorative paper napkin to decorate your party table

The decorative paper napkin is not just a disposable napkin. On the contrary, it has become a decorative accessory in its own right. Whether in cocktail or napkin format, in red, black, pink or gold or with polka dots, the decorative paper napkin creates a personalised atmosphere on your table. But these are not the only advantages of the decorative paper napkin, which is also popular for cutting and napkin art.

Design, colours, themes and patterns of the decorative paper napkin

Colour, design, pattern and theme are important elements in the decoration of a festive table. That's why we have a complete collection of decorative napkins in stock.

White, pink, red, black or gold: you can choose from a wide range of colours. Leaves, hot-air balloons, polka dots, geometric shapes, clouds, tomatoes or fish: choose the design that matches the theme of your event.

The variety of designs in our collection of disposable napkins may even make you want to try your hand at napkin making. You will be able to create a customised decoration from a high quality decorative paper napkin. Buying a pack of disposable towels is a smart purchase:

  • - buying napkins to decorate your party table;
  • - buying napkins for napkin setting.

Napkins can only be made from a design napkin that is original. As you will see from the stock in our shop or in our online shop, all our articles are original materials for napkin cutting and napkin making.

Matching your decorative paper napkins to your other decorations

Because your party is unique or because your professional cocktail party must make a statement, buy high-quality disposable napkins that match your other decorative elements.

Urban theme, plant theme, floral theme, graphic theme, rhinestone and glitter theme or pink gold theme: you will find a pack of disposable napkins in stock that matches your atmosphere and your theme. This way, your cocktail napkins or table napkins will form a coherent whole with your candles, balloons and other decorative hangers.

To conclude, when you set your festive table, at Christmas time, for a wedding or a birthday, remember to choose your decorative paper napkin carefully. Available in stock at a small price, in cocktail size or large size, it is the opportunity to perfect your table decoration thanks to its complete range of colours and patterns.

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