The large vase is a familiar object in interiors, as it allows you to enjoy the beauty of a bouquet of flowers or decorative branches over the course of the weeks. The kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the terrace and even the bedroom are all good places to decorate. Large white glass vase, porcelain vase or metal vase, there is a multitude of design vases to satisfy all your decorating desires. Discover all the characteristics of the design vase to enhance your flowers, your branches of cotton flowers, but also your daily life.

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The different types of designer vases

Design vases are inspired by the cultures of the world, but are also based on age-old manufacturing techniques. From hand-blown glass vases to porcelain vases and stoneware vases, here are the most beautiful products available at the best price.
Details of the glass design vase

The blown glass vase is handmade. Each vase in stock is therefore unique. In addition, this glass work adds an inimitable decorative touch to an interior. Depending on the size and height of the designer glass vase, the light is reflected differently and adds a decorative touch that changes with the time of day. The transparent glass allows you to illuminate your interior with various colours such as blue, brown, red, black, etc.

Among all the models of designer glass vases, you can find products with a contemporary style. For example, a set of glass vases, a soliflore that multiplies for your table decoration. The soliflores are all the same size and height and are connected to each other by metal parts. This contemporary vase bends to your wishes and can take on different shapes depending on the week: a crown-shaped vase, an in-line vase, etc. Play with this vase by placing decorative branches and flowers of different colours in each transparent glass tube.
Porcelain and stoneware: all about the ceramic vase

There are different types of ceramics, including waterproof ceramics such as porcelain and stoneware. Both materials are very strong and have specific details that can affect your decor:

    Stoneware is opaque.
    Porcelain is translucent.

The porcelain vase is tinted red or brown to become a real decorative art object. Whether it is a porcelain vase or a porcelain soliflore, you will appreciate the poetic touch of these design vases. Stoneware vases bring a contemporary style to a room. Finally, many vases have a glazed stoneware interior to ensure optimal watertightness.
Other designer vases

Paper vases, wooden vases, metal vases or brass vases, the materials create original design vases. In the home, the vase adds beauty and colour with flowers or branches, but also with its raw material. The design vase can also become a decorative object in its own right and stand on its own. This is often the case with the large vase on the floor in the living room or the metal vase as a contemporary centrepiece.

Fulfilling your decorative desires with a designer vase

Because the designer vase is made of different materials, such as glass, ceramic or porcelain, it is an ideal decorative ally for every home. Depending on your choice, the vase can bring a contemporary, Scandinavian, rustic or poetic style to your home. How to choose a design vase according to your interior? You will see that it is possible to match vases with other decorating accessories.
Choosing a vase for a Scandinavian style decoration

If you have chosen a Scandinavian style decoration, you can choose your vase according to its colour. A glass vase, a stoneware vase or a ceramic vase is perfect for a Scandinavian interior, but choose a pastel colour or a transparent, lightly tinted vase for your interior decoration.
The large glass vase on the floor

The large vase is placed on the floor and enhances the decor of a room, such as the living room or bedroom. As one of the main decorative objects, it attracts the eye by its size and height. The large glass vase is particularly recommended for displaying beautiful dried flowers or decorative branches. For an extra touch of decoration and style in your home, choose products of different sizes or matching colours: a large clear glass vase next to two smaller vases. The height of the glass vase added to the height of the decorative branches will enhance your room.
An original centrepiece with the designer vase

The table centrepiece also consists of beautiful designer vases. The set of mini porcelain vases or the set of glass soliflores are examples of products for your centrepieces. Soliflore, vase or candle holder, you will not be able to do without these decorative accessories. The design vase centrepiece is available at a low price in black, white, blue, etc. It can be placed directly on the table or on a matching design tray.
The art of combining a designer vase with the kitchen

Finally, we take you to the kitchen. The kitchen is a convivial place in a house where you can find design vases in the centre of the table or on a wall shelf. Ceramic vases, clear glass vases or metal vases, all are suitable for your kitchen decoration. Some vases have small lids, so you can use them as a box, a new free feature of your designer vase. However, there are no extra costs for delivery because the lid is included in the price of the designer vase.

The planter, a product as design and decorative as it is useful and practical

The pot cover is another decorative object available at the best price to highlight your flowers. It does not hide under branches or flowers. On the contrary, the indoor planter is available in a variety of colours and materials, including stoneware planters, metal planters, embossed planters, indoor or outdoor planters, white planters, black planters or grey planters, etc. You will appreciate the details of the products with handles, whether they are made of metal or ceramic.

The pot holder can also be used for herbs. Sprigs of thyme or rosemary add a nice scent to the kitchen and are also useful for preparing good food. The pot holder is made of quality materials that are waterproof and durable. You can therefore plant flowers or herbs directly in your pot holder.

An efficient delivery service ensures that you receive your beautiful planter within a few days. Moreover, you can choose the delivery method that suits you best: at home or at a relay point. Finally, if you have chosen to offer a design vase or a stoneware planter for a birthday party, we guarantee delivery on the day of the event to help make it a success.

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  • Irine Metal Vase Bloomingville
    24,92 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    With its rounded curves and delicate mustard yellow colour, the Irine metal vase from Bloomingville brings an elegant and modern touch to your home.

    24,92 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Green glass Vase Esse Bloomingville
    37,42 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    An object of curiosity, Bloomingville's large green glass vase impresses with its contemporary refined form and stylistic details reminiscent of roundness.

    37,42 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Revolve Vase Ichendorf
    60,00 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Ichendorf Milano offers you the Revolve vase composed of two parts harmoniously linked to each other. Four possible versions to discover!

    60,00 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Sandy Glass Vase Bloomingville
    45,83 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Be seduced by the Sandy round glass vase designed Bloomingville. An elegant two-tone amber and black vase that brings a warm touch to your interior. 

    45,83 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Shell Pot Ferm living
    82,50 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Delicate maritime atmosphere with the Coquillage design vase created by Ferm Living. Made of stoneware, it occupies the space with elegance.

    82,50 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Face Vase Räder
    14,13 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    You will love these beautiful white porcelain vases, designed by Räder. With their delicate simplicity, they will bring a touch of softness into your home.

    14,13 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Poetic Porcelain Vase Räder
    12,46 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Whether it's to collect a solitary flower or your favourite bouquet, this white porcelain design vase created by Räder adds a touch of poetry to the decoration of your home.

    12,46 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • 4 vases Love Räder
    18,29 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    At the top of a shelf or in the centre of your table, this set of 4 white Love soliflores, created by the Räder brand, adds a touch of light and romance to your interior decoration.

    18,29 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Pearl Small Porcelain Vase Räder
    10,79 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    The round porcelain soliflore is the centrepiece of the Räder collection and poetizes our interior with brio. 

    10,79 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Isolde Blue Small Vase Bloomingville
    24,08 € -30% 16,86 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Sublimate your interior with the night blue sandstone soliflore Isolde by Bloomingville. Thanks to its silicone finish giving it a sublime look, elegance is the order of the day!

    24,08 € -30% 16,86 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
    Reduced price!
  • Evela Round Vase Bloomingville
    24,92 € -30% 17,44 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Bring elegance and charm to your interior by opting for Evela, the round vase with the particular shades of Bloomingville.

    24,92 € -30% 17,44 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
    Reduced price!
  • Porcelain Boot Vase Räder
    10,79 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    The small white Botte porcelain vase designed by Räder is an original and elegant way to hold your flowers. This clever vase can also be used as an original pencil pot.

    10,79 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Shakespeare Summer Day Vase Räder
    107,50 € -40% 64,50 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    The large Summer Day glass vase from Räder brightens up your space in the blink of an eye. Its pure transparency and white lettering instantly enhance your bouquets of flowers.

    107,50 € -40% 64,50 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
    Reduced price!
  • April vase Tsé Tsé
    165,83 € 2 weeks

    A vase composed of glass tubes fiited into zinc coated frame. Available in 2 sizes.

    165,83 €
    2 weeks
  • Hourglass Plant Pot Ferm Living
    79,17 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Both indoors and outdoors, Hourglass dresses your plants with elegance and taste. Ferm Living offers us a reversible plant pot with an original look.

    79,17 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Atija Glass Vase Bloomingville
    41,58 € 2 weeks

    Bloomingville, a Danish interior design brand, offers us the beautiful brown glass vase Atija. Elegant and design, its rounded shapes will decorate your rooms with delicacy.

    41,58 €
    2 weeks
  • Pond Porcelain Vase Räder
    27,46 € Out of stock

    To brighten up your centrepiece, or your living room, the white porcelain vase Pond by Räder is an incredibly original accessory. Give your favourite bouquets a unique vase.

    27,46 €
    Out of stock
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  • Giraffe Porcelain Vase Rader
    33,29 € Out of stock

    This white porcelain vase decorated with a golden giraffe, by Räder, allows you to give your most beautiful bouquets the container they deserve.

    33,29 €
    Out of stock
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  • Porcelain Vase Gardner Räder
    27,46 € Out of stock

    In your living room or kitchen, this white porcelain vase by Räder elegantly collects your favourite bouquets, and adds a touch of light to your interior decoration.

    27,46 €
    Out of stock
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  • Mini Vase Ball Räder
    18,29 € Out of stock

    The trio of round, white Räder porcelain vases creates a soft, soothing atmosphere. These soliflores can be placed together or separately. You'll love the design and purity of these vases!

    18,29 €
    Out of stock
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  • Bettie Glass Vase Bloomingville
    66,58 € Out of stock

    The large Bettie glass vase brings nature into your home! Embellish your home and offer your bouquets this beautiful design object from the Danish brand Bloomingville.

    66,58 €
    Out of stock
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  • Evergreen Glass Vase Bloomingville
    41,58 € Out of stock

    Ideal for flowering your home throughout the year, discover the Evergreen glass vase by Bloomingville. A colorful and decorative vase without extravagance.

    41,58 €
    Out of stock
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  • Serok Large Vase Bloomingville
    74,17 € Out of stock

    Combining elegance and simplicity, Bloomingville offers us the high terracotta vase Serok in beige and violet colours. It is the perfect vase to highlight your flowers or artificial bouquets with long stems.

    74,17 €
    Out of stock
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  • Imba Metal Vase Bloomingville
    70,83 € Out of stock

    The metal vase is reinvented with Bloomingville and reveals all the richness and uniqueness of its design with its rough appearance. A large cylindrical vase 40 cm high.

    70,83 €
    Out of stock
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