For the wall decoration of your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom, you won't be able to resist designer wallpaper. Indeed, wallpapers are making a comeback on the walls thanks to original and unique creations. Contemporary or abstract wallpaper rolls, textured or panoramic wall panels, discover all the decorative possibilities available to you thanks to our trendy wallpaper collections.

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The art of decorating with designer wallpaper

Design wallpaper is a limitless playground for decorating a room. Bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and living rooms can be given a new look in a matter of moments. Thanks to a new technology, the strips do not need to be glued. Simply apply the glue to the wall and lay down the non-woven paper. In just a few minutes, your new decoration is in place. But how do you choose the right design wallpaper? Room by room, enter the world of design wallpaper.

Dining room wallpaper and living room wallpaper

In a dining room or a living room, a roll of wallpaper is a decorative highlight. It gives relief to contemporary furniture, but also creates a surprise when it takes the form of a trompe-l'oeil or a panoramic painting. Choose to apply the wallpaper on one wall of the living room, for a relief effect, or on all the walls, for matching wallpapers.

Hallway wallpaper

In a hallway, you can choose the patterns and colours. Wallpapers with vertical stripes can visually enlarge a space. On the other hand, graphic patterns are preferred for large walls, and should therefore be avoided in a small room. Corridor wallpaper is contemporary and designer. In an entrance hall, choose a pastel coloured wallpaper roll or apply a design wallpaper on a single wall.

Bedroom wallpaper

For a child's bedroom, choose wallpaper with soft colours or children's motifs such as pink flamingos, stars, pastel pink diamonds on a white background, etc. The advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that it is very easy to clean with a damp sponge. It is therefore ideal for children's bedroom walls.

In an adult bedroom, you can create an original effect by applying the wallpaper only on the side of the bed. The design wallpaper will thus highlight a single section of wall and you can choose it in bright colours or offbeat patterns.

Kitchen wallpaper

Kitchen walls can also be decorated with wallpaper to the delight of decorating enthusiasts. Choose a contemporary non-woven wallpaper for a modern kitchen or a classic or textured wallpaper for a rustic kitchen. To further personalise your kitchen, alternate colours and patterns. For example, put a different design wallpaper on one wall of the kitchen to highlight it.

What are the advantages of designer wallpaper?

Design wallpaper is a resolutely modern product available at a low price:

  •     Easy to hang.
  •     Easy to maintain.
  •     Resistance to the sun.
  •     Delivered in rolls.
  •     Available in adhesive rolls.

In addition to this list of advantages, it should also be noted that design wallpapers offer a very wide range of interior design options thanks to the wide variety of colours and patterns. Here are our ideas for decorating with colour combinations, pattern combinations or wall art effects.

    The colours: plain design wallpaper with pastel colours for a Scandinavian style or design wallpaper with bright colours for an abstract style or a graphic impression.
    Patterns: geometric patterns, triangles, chevrons, polka dots and other stripes are available in original colour combinations such as white and pink wallpaper, black and old rose wallpaper, off-white and green wallpaper, etc.
    Finally, wallpapers also form an abstract picture or a nature picture with very specific motifs such as flowers for a tropical picture.

A roll of plain coloured wallpaper with a particular pattern dresses up your walls and excites your spirit. Make the choice of an original decoration thanks to the design wallpaper roll which is as quick as it is easy to install, especially if you choose the adhesive wallpaper roll.

Bringing art into a room with designer wallpaper

Non-woven, vinyl or canvas, wallpaper can be applied to walls to create an abstract, contemporary or panoramic picture. Indeed, the ease with which non-woven wallpaper rolls can be put up allows for all sorts of fantasies:

  •     Putting wallpaper on all the walls of a room.
  •     Putting up wallpaper on one wall of the room.
  •     Putting up a single strip of wallpaper.
  •     Putting up different, but complementary, wallpapers in the same room.

Art deco style, jungle style, classic style, romantic style, graphic style, tropical style: all styles are possible with wallpapers. Each wallpaper panel is available in different sizes, even in XXL format for the largest walls.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate the walls of a room, depending on the wallpaper chosen:

    Plain wallpaper allows for additional decoration on the wall such as a wall mirror or shelves. Pastel colours are suitable for modern Scandinavian style decoration.
    Wallpaper with a panoramic view motif works like a wall painting. Choose a city view or a nature view to open your room to an enchanting and magical window.
    On the contrary, by choosing to put a single strip of wallpaper on a wall, the design wallpaper will stand on its own, giving a unique impression to the room. In this case, you can choose a strong pattern such as flowers or a tropical motif.

Come and discover a unique collection of wallpapers to complete or change your decoration in just a few minutes in your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom. The non-woven design wallpaper is a resolutely modern product that adapts to your tastes and to all your decoration desires.

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