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The whiteness and softness of the porcelain have been sublimated by a handcrafted production to give birth to unique design products. Rader design offers high quality products that offer happiness and invite poetry. Whether it is a porcelain dish, a soliflore, a vase, a bedside lamp or a Christmas decoration, Räder design is a world of its own that celebrates the beauty of simplicity.

The Rader spirit for handmade porcelain decoration accessories

 Rader design is not just a brand of decorative objects. On the contrary, Räder design is a way of looking at life, between sincerity and gentleness, between white porcelain and handmade products. Candleholder, dish, vase or Christmas house, enter the soothing, poetic and inimitable universe of the Rader decoration brand.

Räder decorative objects: discover a whole concept

Rader's decorative objects touch hearts and make a lasting impression with their uniqueness, authenticity and poetry. Indeed, the German brand Räder has created unique everyday objects made of porcelain. The porcelain was chosen for its purity and poetic whiteness. It gives life to real works of art, thanks to the artistic and soft touch it gives.

Rader decorative objects are products that honour purity and simplicity. This decoration brand proposes the idea that beauty is based on simplicity and detail. Combining purity and distinction, the porcelain decorative objects are made with love and offered from the heart.

As such, they are great gift ideas for yourself or for others. Storage boxes and bowls to place on a table, candle holders and vases, porcelain dishes and mugs, key rings to slip into your bag, bedside lamps or paper garlands, Christmas ornaments or porcelain Santas, the Räder brand enhances interior and exterior decoration with the poetry of white porcelain.

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Opt for handcrafted and environmentally friendly production with Rader decoration accessories

Rader decoration accessories are handcrafted. All Räder design products, from candle holders and vases to Christmas figurines, are entirely handmade. In addition, they are made of recyclable materials and only use local products. By choosing Rader design products, you are choosing handmade and environmentally friendly design objects.

Whether it is the softness of the fabric, the emphasis on light or the play of glazed or unglazed porcelain, each Rader design object tells a story and creates a serene and soothing atmosphere in a room of the house.

The Räder brand: a wide range of elegant design objects

Photophore, tray, cup and card, but also porcelain, glass, wood and beads, the Räder brand reinvents the interior space with elegant design objects available at the best price and with fast delivery.

 The Christmas spirit in Rader decorative items

Christmas is a magical and poetic time of year. The Rader brand has developed a complete range of Christmas decorative items, combining grace, poetry and purity in its very essence. Its decorative objects have become a must for enchanting this time of year.

To bring a poetic touch to your interior, you can opt for a set of Father Christmas figurines, a porcelain fir candle jar, a garland of golden stars or a mini snowman box. Finally, the design garlands with golden paper dots connected by a white thread will be just as decorative hanging or placed as a table runner.

In addition, for an original and unique Christmas decoration, it is possible to combine porcelain houses, candle holders in the shape of a tree and Father Christmas figurines. You can make your home a dreamy and magical place with Rader design.

If you are looking for an original idea for Christmas gifts, think of the LED lighted tree or the LED lighted mini house. They create a warm atmosphere thanks to their pure design.

Räder design makes everyday objects look good

In addition to the magic of the Christmas season, everyday life can also be decorated in a pure and poetic way. For example, there are many products in stock at the best prices. This way you can fulfil your desire for a pure and original design.

The kitchen becomes a place of simple and happy sharing with a wooden spoon in the shape of a heart, a silver or golden metal bottle opener, an oval dish, a long porcelain dish, a set of golden cups, etc.

In the bedroom or study, you can recharge your batteries with the Rader design paper clip catcher or the bedside lamp with its white porcelain base. The bedside lamp will find its place in a child's room or in a soberly decorated interior.

An original home decoration with the Rader design product range

For your home decoration, the Räder brand has created high-quality products such as the acacia wood and porcelain coat hook and the porcelain and brass candle holders. These decorative items are also great gift ideas for birthdays, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

As for floral decoration, your home will become a soft and flowery setting thanks to a collection of porcelain vases and soliflores. Indeed, the colour and beauty of flowers are sublimated in a porcelain vase or a white porcelain soliflore. Similarly, you will appreciate the purity and softness of a clear glass vase with white writing.

Find a gift idea in the Räder product collection

Because they are handcrafted and because they are full of poetry and delicacy, all Räder products are great gift ideas. Indeed, giving a gift means giving special attention to a loved one. By choosing Rader's decorative accessories, you can be sure that you're choosing a gift of great delicacy at a low price.

Whether it's a transparent glass vase, a cushion for the bed, a Christmas village of porcelain houses, a porcelain tray or a garland of happiness for a child's room, the list of Räder products is a list of happiness and delicacy.

In conclusion, Rader design objects allow you to realise all your decorative desires. Because all the details count to live in happiness, adorn your home with poetry, love and pure handmade objects.

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