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From the ancient oil lamp to the modern oil lamp, we take a look at the history of this light which has conquered many homes thanks to its soft, subdued light. What is it made of? Which wick should you choose? What are the most original models? We present our opinions and all the details of the manufacture of oil lamps.
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Using the oil lamp as a decorative object

Lighting a table with an oil lamp

In the midst of placemats, table runners, crockery and glasses, the oil lamp makes its way to the top. The flame is a friendly and reassuring element that enhances moments of sharing. The oil lamp is therefore the ideal product to light up your festive tables, but also to make your private meals shine. In addition to the fact that this lighting is soft and natural, it is also efficient: there is no risk of wax staining the tablecloth. The flame will not go out in a gust of wind. The natural atmosphere created by the oil lamp will charm you and immerse you in a moment of suspended happiness.
A modern design oil lamp

The designer oil lamp is a decorative object and even a collector's item. Far from the traditional genius lamp, design lamps have a refined style that honours the flame and the lighting.

Eno Studio's Olie lamps, for example, are a condensation of purity. Through the glass of the jar, the fibreglass wick can be seen bathed in the burning liquid. A few centimetres higher, the wick has a soothing and relaxing effect. This model is available in different sizes. The three sizes available create a uniform look by playing with the height of the lamps. The height of the wicks corresponds to the height of the light.

In addition to these Olie lamps, you will find other models of design oil lamps:

  •     The customisable lamps. These glass lamps can be filled with sand, flower petals or coloured feathers.
  •     Hanging lamps. With metal rods serving as a support, they seem to float in the air and bring a magical note to your interior.
  •     Shaped lamps. These are products that reproduce particular shapes such as a pebble or a ball. The pebble lamp is an ideal source of light for a Zen atmosphere.
  •     Lamp materials. Several materials are used to make oil lamps, such as glass, crystal or Murano glass.

The oil lamp has become a trendy and modern decoration object. But it is also part of the original gifts to offer. In this case, it is packaged in an attractive box and protected for transport.

What are the differences between candles and oil lamps?

Candles and oil lamps bring a special luminosity to a room or a terrace. They create a warm, romantic atmosphere and evoke well-being and serenity. However, there are important differences between the two products: the burning time, the life span of the product and the wind resistance.

  •     Burning time. While a candle burns out quickly, an oil lamp will burn for many hours. You can enjoy an incomparable burning time. If a tea light burns for a few hours, a larger candle can burn for two or three evenings. In contrast, the oil lamp offers you more than a hundred hours of burning time.
  •     The life span. When your candle is finished, you will unfortunately have no choice but to throw it away. You will have to buy a new one to enjoy the soft light again. The oil lamp, on the other hand, can be recharged as and when you wish. This guarantees that you will enjoy your product for many years to come.
  •     Wind resistance. The glass oil lamp is not affected by gusts of wind, which can sometimes blow out a candle. This advantage is very much appreciated for summer evenings on the terrace. There is no need to look for a way to protect the flame of your candles. The oil lamp will continue to burn even if it is windy.

All about the oil lamp

How does an antique oil lamp work?

To understand how an oil lamp works, you need to know what it is made of. The oil lamp is made up of three elements: a reservoir, a spout and a wick. Finally, we need to add one more element to this list: the fuel. All four elements are necessary and have their own purpose.

The old oil lamp is therefore a round or oval tank with a handle on one side to hold it and a spout on the other side. The wick, and therefore the flame, comes out of the spout. To make an old oil lamp work, you just have to pour oil into the tank to soak the wick. When the wick is completely soaked, it can be lit and the glow of the flame can be enjoyed instantly. The reservoir of old lamps, which contains the liquid, is usually topped by a lid. The cover is positioned in such a way that it prevents the liquid from spilling.

From the antique oil lamp to the designer oil lamp

The ancient oil lamp has been around since ancient times, but over the years it has evolved until the arrival of the paraffin lamp in 1853. The paraffin lamp supplanted the oil lamp in everyday use. This was because paraffin is a more fluid fuel than oil and therefore rises more easily to the wick. Nowadays, the old oil lamp has been replaced by modern design models. Still using a reservoir and a wick, these lamps are truly contemporary objects of decoration. The light emitted by these lamps is soft and pleasant. The combustion of the wick is efficient and safe for your health.

The different wicks of oil lamps

An oil lamp needs a wick to function. This wick must be soaked in fuel in order to burn. For optimal use, it is recommended that the wick should not extend more than three millimetres. Here are the two main wicks available:

  •     The braided cotton wick.
  •     The fibreglass wick.

Fibreglass wicks are very resistant and have the particularity of not burning. It is therefore not necessary to change them regularly. Finally, the wicks have a different diameter: 3.5 mm diameter, 2.5 mm diameter, 3.7 mm diameter, etc.

Which oil should I choose for my oil lamp?

The oil lamp needs a fuel to work. This fuel can be animal fat, vegetable oil, such as olive oil or rapeseed oil, or paraffin oil. At Pure Deco, we have chosen an ecological and natural oil:

  •     Odourless.
  •     Non-toxic.
  •     Made of rapeseed oil.
  •     100% vegetable.
  •     Without paraffin.

This high quality vegetable oil is a strong act in favour of the protection of the environment, but also in favour of the protection of your health. For your daily health, but also for the health of your children or your guests, it is important to choose quality natural products. The vegetable oil in your oil lamp is guaranteed to be healthy and safe, even for children. You can order it directly online and indicate the desired delivery address. All our oil bottles are supplied with a safety cap. Finally, each bottle is meticulously packaged to ensure that it is not damaged during delivery.

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  • Vegetable oil for lamp oil
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    Vegetable oil for every oil lamps for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • TAE1879 Oil lamp
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    For a deco pattern, this original oil lamp consists of an opaque bulb suspended from a glass cylinder. Ideal to offer in its wooden box.

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  • Oil lamp
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    Beautiful oil lamp consists of a large bulb and a lampshade made of transparent glass.

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  • Edisun Oil lamp
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    Lovely gift box an oil lamp made of a glass bulb suspended in a cylinder.

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  • Fusion Oil lamp
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    Oil lamp made of a transparent glass bulb and its aluminum support. Simple and effective for a zen gift!

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  • Olié Oil lamp Eno Studio
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    In a bedroom or living room, the ENO studio design oil lamp creates a soft and warm atmosphere in all circumstances.

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