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In just a few years, Qwetch has developed a complete range of insulated water bottles and designer bottles for carrying and storing food and drinks. The modern and stylish Qwetch airtight bottle and the Qwetch double-walled water bottle have found their place in a mobile kitchen, at home, at work, at sport or on holiday. So, whether it's a pink insulated bottle, a sleek stainless steel bottle or an original airtight bottle, discover the complete collection of Qwetch mobile food containers to find your ideal product.

Qwetch and the healthy design of mobile food containers

Food containers are kitchen utensils that allow you to transport and keep food and drinks warm or cool for several hours. That's why they have to be healthy and guaranteed BPA-free. From the double-walled stainless steel teapot to tableware accessories such as the Qwetch water bottle stopper or cleaning brush, discover the history and uniqueness of Qwetch products.


The origin of the Qwetch brand: the nomadic teapot

The Qwetch brand products were born in France after an observation made during a trip to China: the Chinese drink tea, all the time and everywhere. So, in order to respond to this nomadic consumption, and to adapt it to Western society, Qwetch developed the first nomadic teapot.

Made of glass or stainless steel and guaranteed BPA-free, the Qwetch mobile teapot is perfectly watertight thanks to its silicone seal and its double wall. The double wall design keeps the liquid hot or cold for several hours. Originals, Originals Inox, Originals Black, Flowers Red or Arty, a complete collection of nomadic teapots are available in France.

But the Qwetch brand has not stopped at this nomadic teapot. On the contrary, it has developed a complete collection of nomadic containers that are as stylish as they are healthy, but also available in stock at low prices.

A collection of healthy mobile containers

Designed to be plastic-free and BPA-free, Qwetch products offer an effective solution for carrying drinks and meals throughout the day. Indeed, the collection is available in :

    non-insulated bottle with single wall ;
    double-walled insulated bottles; and
    insulated lunch box and stainless steel soup can.

In sports bags, on public transport, in children's school bags or to keep baby water safe, Qwetch containers, such as the waterproof Qwetch bottle and the hermetically sealed Qwetch bottle, are products that keep cold and warm. Replacing plastic bottles, insulated bottles and airtight water bottles can be easily carried in a bag to work, school or on a sightseeing trip.

 Quality accessories to match Qwetch water bottles and insulated bottles

Qwetch has designed a range of environmentally friendly, low-cost, zero waste accessories for cleaning and carrying water bottles. Qwetch's products and accessories have received positive reviews from every customer and consumer.

These numerous accessories, such as the watertight infuser cap, the cap with clip, the organic cotton bag and the cleaning brush, with its indispensable brush, complete the range of Qwetch's organic products.

Qwetch has also developed stainless steel straws to replace plastic straws as part of its environmental protection and zero waste approach. In a pack of one straw, a pack of two straws or a pack of four straws, select the product that meets your needs. Each set of stainless steel straws is shipped with a bottle brush. This brush is included in the price of the product and is a kind of brush for cleaning the stainless steel straw.

 The colours and design of the Qwetch bottles

 The Qwetch stainless steel bottle is available in original and classic colours, such as white, turquoise, khaki, etc. The Qwetch collection also includes stainless steel insulated bottles with a wood effect, stainless steel bottles with a metallic colour, insulated bottles in a white monochrome, etc.

Making mobile tableware into trendy decoration accessories

Of course, the Qwetch water bottle and the Qwetch airtight bottle are indispensable products for carrying hot and cold drinks, but also food. But they are also trendy and design accessories.

Indeed, Qwetch revolutionizes containers and kitchenware with original models. With them, you bring a touch of colour, sweetness or fun into your day, when you drink your favourite hot drink or have your meal or snack.

Granite Khaki, Pastel Lilac, Pastel Blue, Tropical Palm, Flowers Red, Matt Carbon Grey, Matt Pomegranate Red, One Arty, Matte White, One Originals Stainless, Marinière Blue, Toits de Paris, Wood, Flora Pink or Flora Blue: choose the Qwetch water bottle or the Qwetch waterproof bottle that suits your character.

For example, the Wood effect bottle is made of stainless steel, or inox, and can keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Moreover, it is a zero waste product at a low price, available in stock and shipped within 24 hours for delivery in France and worldwide.

 A Qwetch insulated bottle for every occasion

At home or at work, on holiday or at a friend's house, in the morning or at lunchtime, the Qwetch insulated bottle is, by all accounts, the ideal product for carrying drinks and keeping them cold or warm.

So whether you prefer pastel colours, are a classicist, or have a pop style, check out the details of how each Qwetch bottle is made. You will be surprised by the precision of the designs, as for the Flowers or the Arty model, and the brightness of the colours, as for the Tropical or the Wood model. Finally, each customer can choose the capacity adapted to his use: 260 ml capacity, 500 ml capacity, 750 ml capacity, etc.

Whether you are a baby, a child, a teenager, an adult or even a retiree, you will find the right Qwetch bottle for your lifestyle. Indeed, the collection includes different types of products: discreet isothermal bottles thanks to the pastel colours or original isothermal bottles thanks to the pop, arty and turquoise coloured products. Personalise your meals and snacks with a contemporary collection and healthy, natural containers that reflect your image. With these low-priced products, you can also add a decorative touch to your dining table.

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