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IchendorfIchendorf Milano has combined innovation with tradition to create poetic and design-oriented borosilicate glass objects. From the Animal Farm collection, created in collaboration with Alessandra Baldereschi, to the Fish carafes and the glass candleholders, each creation is an invitation to dream and poetry.
The Ichendorf collection is made up of pieces that enhance an interior decoration or add a touch of magic to a festive table. From festive to everyday objects, we invite you to discover the captivating and marvellous universe of the Italian brand Ichendorf Milano.

Ichendorf Milano, an Italian brand that reinvents tableware

Pitcher, bottle, glass, Christmas decoration, candle holder or bowl, Ichendorf Milano innovates by proposing everyday objects that are as design as they are resistant and as poetic as they are unique.

Our Ichendorf shop:

Art and everyday objects born from the encounter between designers and a master glassmaker

The Ichendorf Milano brand is more than a signature. It is a real poetic and delicate universe that invites itself into everyday life. These are products with modern lines designed with respect for ancient manufacturing techniques. Glasses, carafes, bowls and candleholders are the result of a combination of tradition and innovation.

Famous designers such as Alessandra Baldereschi and Anne Perugini have brought their vision of art nouveau to Ichendorf. These remarkable collaborations have resulted in objects that have become very famous. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the objects available in stock at the best price:

    the Animal Farm collection ;

    the Desert Plant collection;

    the Greenwood decanter

    Xmas glasses in limited edition for Christmas;

    the vases

    carafes and High Rise glasses;


Ichendorf Milano's products include animals, cacti and snowmen delicately attached to the inside of a glass or carafe. With their bright colours, these plants and characters give each product its unique character. More than just everyday objects, they are transformed into real works of art.

Borosilicate - a unique material to enhance your table and interior design

Ichendorf Milano has opted for a special material for everyday design glasses and carafes: borosilicate. This material is the basis for the creation of remarkable and solid pieces. Thanks to the use of this material, the Milano cup can also be used by a child.
Silica has always been at the heart of the brand's work because of its special properties. Borosilicate consists of more than 80% silica, which makes it more resistant than conventional glass. An Animal & Desert bottle, whether it's a bird, cactus or hippo, a Fish water jug with its cute fish or an Ichendorf animal design glass made of borosilicate is a high-quality product at a low price.
Despite the obvious fineness of the characters that are worked into the glass, the creations are suitable for thermal shocks. They are heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Ichendorf Milano has succeeded in creating art for every day.

A collection of refined and poetic glass objects designed by Ichendorf Milano

Small plants and animals in the bottom of a borosilicate glass, tumbler or pitcher are the signature of the Ichendorf brand. But there are other equally modern and design-oriented objects that will enchant your home.

The Animal Farm and Desert Plant collections by Ichendorf Milano and Alessandra Baldereschi

The collaboration between Alessandra Baldereschi and Ichendorf Milano has resulted in three emblematic collections: Animal Farm, Desert Plant and Animal. The animals of everyday life and the plants of the desert are given pride of place in these delicate, designer creations. So, for your everyday table or for your festive table, you will find in stock glasses, bottles and water carafes in which small colourful objects have been integrated:

    the glass water carafe Fish ;

    the Ichendorf Cactus bottle;

    borosilicate glass Hedgehog ;

    Milano Turtle glass;

    Converso decanter;

    the Cha No Yu glass teapot

    glass teapot, etc.

In the same vein, the Italian design brand has come up with the Woodland Animals collection. A doe or an owl slips into the bottom of a borosilicate glass to enhance tableware.

The original borosilicate glass decanters from Ichendorf: between poetry and modernity

Ichendorf's concept is known throughout the world: to integrate a duck, a cactus, a fish or a hedgehog into a borosilicate glass or carafe. The Greenwood water jug or the Fish water jug, for example, show a remarkable work on the glass.

The Fish water jug has a pretty yellow and blue fish in the bottom. The Greenwood water jug is recognisable by its handle in the shape of tree branches. The branches are located on the outside of the carafe to serve as a handle. At the other end of the branches, in the pitcher, Ichendorf Milano has created a small yellow and green bud.

Ichendorf Milano has also created a new carafe concept: the High Rise glass carafe. Also made of borosilicate and therefore heat-resistant, the Ichendorf carafe allows water glasses to be stacked on top. This design carafe saves space and time in everyday life.

Because borosilicate glass is heat resistant, it is possible to pour hot or cold liquids into an Ichendorf Milano decanter. However, to enjoy the poetry of the elements, you can choose to pour a clear liquid. The capacity of each Ichendorf Milano pitcher ranges from 1.25 litres to 2 litres and is sufficient for daily use.

Ichendorf invites itself to the Christmas table with original glasses and pitchers

Ichendorf Milano has used the material borosilicate to create a magical Christmas decoration. The borosilicate glasses, glass Christmas ornaments and Xmas pitchers offer great value for money. They are a great gift idea to put under the Christmas tree. If they are not on the Christmas list, they will be a nice surprise.

Thanks to the work of a master glassmaker and the imagination of the Italian brand, adorable characters have taken their place at the bottom of a borosilicate glass, a Christmas bauble or an Ichendorf glass pitcher. Indeed, you will find in stock at low prices borosilicate glasses integrating :

    a white and blue snowman ;

    a green Father Christmas ;

    a brown Pinocchio ;

    a design penguin ;

    a decorated Christmas tree;

    a grey elf.

These figures are embossed in the bottom of a pitcher with a simple shape. Made of borosilicate and with a rounded handle, this Ichendorf glass pitcher brings colour and originality to your Christmas table.

Ichendorf glass Christmas ornaments serve as a design decoration for the Christmas tree. They can also be placed on a table or hung in windows. The Ichendorf Milano brand allows you to create a captivating and dazzling Christmas decoration at a low price.

Other glass decorations from Ichendorf Milano

Ichendorf glass candleholder, transparent borosilicate bowl or design oiler Ichendorf Milano, the Italian brand declines its concept and creates delicate objects. You will be seduced by the Ichendorf glass candleholder in borosilicate. Available in stock in two sizes, you will appreciate the subtle combination of glass and colours, such as grey, amber and pink.

The 14 cm diameter Ichendorf glass dish can be used as a pocket dish or as a design object on a console or coffee table. A bird perched on branches and a yellow fawn are ready for all your everyday objects. The same motifs are used on original glass candle holders. Whether traditional candles or tea lights, Ichendorf Milano glass products will make your home glow with happiness.

Whether it's a Milano tumbler, Animal Farm glass, glass oiler or Garden Picnic water jug, all Ichendorf products are carefully packaged for delivery. Whether it's 24-hour delivery or worldwide delivery, treat yourself or a loved one to a complete list of Ichendorf Milano glassware.

In conclusion, Ichendorf Milano sublimates the material to give it a real soul. Borosilicate glass is transformed into a design pitcher, a resistant goblet or an original bottle for the greatest pleasure of contemporary art lovers.

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