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Umasqu is a brand of modern and unique wall decorations. Its founder, Tzachi Nevo, began working with three-dimensional creations of familiar images such as human faces and animal heads.
Reducing Urban Masquerade, Umasqu wall decorations are inspired by an abstract graphic aesthetic between steampunk and cubism. They bring a very special atmosphere to an interior: a touch of originality between futuristic design and realistic inspirations.
All Umasqu decorative parts are manufactured in Tel Aviv. Tzachi Nevo is famous for its custom-designed walls, commissioned by Waze or the Strauss Group: Israel's leading coffee company.
Concerned about creating affordable art while continuing to play with familiar faces, Umasqu continues to create surreal decorative pieces. For example, his latest Modern African collection is inspired by the great tradition of African masks and their inherent lack of realism.
Made up of layers that combine different wood species, some of these hand-painted masks may look similar, but none are exactly the same.
Discover a world of bewitching colours and ephemeral escapes where the slightest glance will seem to you to be the first, thanks to the unique character of each creation.
Through its wall decorations, Umasqu invites your interior to a unique journey where imperfection makes the work only perfect…

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