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Suspension lights bring light into a room, but also a certain cachet. They are chosen for their light intensity and also for their style and design. Bamboo or rattan pendant lights, white or black chandelier, chromed metal or wood ceiling lights, discover all the characteristics of pendant lights and how to choose them according to the function of each room.
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What are the different types of ceiling lights?

Do you know exactly how many different types of ceiling lights there are? There are actually three types of ceiling lights. In addition to materials, colours and design, the luminaires differ in their overall appearance. Wooden or brass, white or black - these are the characteristics of the ceiling light, the chandelier and the pendant.

The ceiling light fixed to the ceiling of the room

As the name suggests, the ceiling light is a type of pendant light that is attached directly to the ceiling. Made of chrome, copper or wood, this type of pendant light is ideal in a room with a low ceiling. It can also be used in the kitchen or bathroom as the main light.

The chandelier to dress up and decorate a room

Generally made up of several branches, and therefore several lamps, the chandelier is a product available at different heights. It truly furnishes a room while providing a different kind of lighting. Indeed, if the living room chandelier can provide a soft lighting, this lighting will have to be sufficiently important for a dining table chandelier. The chandelier with LED bulb is large and imposing. The chandelier with black shade and gold interior captivates the eye and dresses up a room. The designer glass chandelier is a fading light.

The suspension light and its advantages

Smaller than the chandelier, the designer pendant light is a modern source of light that can be found in every room of the house. A wire allows you to adjust its height, which differentiates it from the ceiling lamp. All kinds of fantasies are allowed for pendant lights, whether they are kitchen, living room or bedroom pendant lights.

Nud pendant lights, for example, are very modern and trendy. With a cable of your choice of colour, such as black, red, white or orange, these pendant lights highlight the bulb and its filament. This decorative suspension will be ideal for an industrial or vintage style decoration.

Each type of pendant light has its own design and characteristics

Because pendant lights are particularly visible in a room, it is important to choose them carefully. From Scandinavian to vintage, there are different designs for pendant lights.

Scandinavian suspension

Scandinavian pendant lighting is one of the latest trends. The Scandinavian suspension lamp is one of the latest trends. You will find wicker, rattan or bamboo suspension among all the products in stock.

The vintage suspension

Recognisable among all, the vintage suspension brings cachet to a room. In metal, copper or glass, it combines gold with dark blue or black. The copper pendant becomes a dining table pendant while the chandelier becomes a living room pendant. Discover a complete stock of vintage products to light up your rooms.

Design suspension

For your lighting, you still have the choice of style thanks to the designer pendant. Dare to stand out with an original and modern pendant lamp such as the flower pot bathroom pendant, the black metal pendant lamp or the LED pendant presented in a designer glass ball.

Which pendant luminaire for which room in the house?

Each room in the house has a specific function. For example, the kitchen and bathroom should have sufficient lighting, while the living room and bedroom are decorated with dimmer lights.

The living room pendant

The living room pendant offers you thousands of possibilities. Whether it's a designer pendant light, bamboo pendant, copper pendant or chrome metal pendant, the living room pendant takes up space and becomes a real part of your furniture. You will find original and trendy products in stock, such as the suspension with glass shade or the suspension with gold metal shade. Scandinavian suspension or vintage suspension, choose the suspension light that matches your style and your interior decoration.

Dining table pendant

The dining table supports the presence of a large pendant. The light can have several branches and be lower than the kitchen light. However, the dining table pendant should not disturb the guests during the meal and should illuminate the entire table. To achieve this, you may need to adjust the height of the pendant light with its cord.

The kitchen pendant

The kitchen is a very convivial place in a house. The lighting should be important thanks to the kitchen pendant. Ceiling or pendant lamps, choose a product in harmony with the style of your kitchen. Over a bar or central island, you can place a set of glass or matte metal pendant lights to add a vintage touch to your kitchen.

The bathroom pendant

The LED pendant light and the tall light are two products that are ideal for bathroom pendant lighting. They offer sufficient lighting without taking up all the visual space in the room. For the colour of your hanging lamp, choose white and glass, which will enlarge the space, or a more designer colour such as a red hanging lamp or a two-tone aluminium lamp.

The bedroom pendant

Just like the living room, the bedroom is a soothing place and a place of rest. You can therefore opt for hanging lamps or lamps with a dimmer, more cocooning light. Scandinavian suspension, retro style suspension or romantic style suspension, come and discover our stock of products offered at the best price.

Hanging lamps for the entrance or the hallway

Installing a designer pendant in an entrance hall sets a style and gives a warm welcome to your guests. Lighting is necessary for living, but warm light also brings comfort. In this respect, in an entrance hall or a corridor, pendant lights are original decorative products. Choose brass, wood or copper lights depending on the style you prefer.

Where to find trendy and original pendant lights?

Pure Deco offers you a unique selection of trendy and original lighting. You can use its website as a product comparator. Indeed, for each light, you will be able to discover many pictures of the suspension. Presented in a room, a kitchen or a living room, you can quickly visualize the style of the suspension.

In addition, the availability of the products is important information, especially if you want to make gifts. For each product, you will also know the number of working days needed for delivery or the number of weeks needed to restock the model. When you visit the shop, you will receive free delivery. Brass light, bamboo light or designer light, order and receive designer lights that will brighten up your home and your life.

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  • Newton Hanging Lamp
    241,67 € In stock, ships in 24h

    Design suspension with adjustable height by Coco & Co. Available in black or white, with or without its removable white PVC diffuser.

    241,67 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • Cloud hanging lamp
    82,50 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Make attractive dreams with this hanging lights cloud by Raumgestalt, available in 2 dimensions.

    82,50 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Pendant lamp green glass ball Bloomingville
    79,17 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    The Bloomingville design glass ball pendant is adorned with a vibrant green colour and gold metal, with exotic shades.

    79,17 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Baha Glass Hanging Lamp Bloomingville
    74,17 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Bloomingville invites elegance and simplicity with this round, transparent suspension light in amber glass.

    74,17 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Photo Lampshade
    300,00 € In stock, ships in 24h

     The lampshade Photo by Objekto is a suspension that subtly plays with light with an illusion of a double lampshade. Available in white / cream or white / black.

    300,00 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • Glass pendant light Ballroom
    237,50 € In stock, ships in 24h

    Sublime, the Ballroom pendant light made of clear glass bring a designer touch to your interior lighting. Available in 5 colors.

    237,50 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • Ballroom XL glass pendant light
    495,83 € 2 weeks

    As beautiful as its little sister, discover the design Ballroom XL pendant light in colored glass declined in 5 different colors. Diameter 32 cms.

    495,83 €
    2 weeks
  • Pascha Pendant Fraumaier
    106,67 € 2 weeks

    The Pascha suspension created by the Fraumaier brand combines inventiveness and character. Available in many colours, it is ideal for a living room or a bedroom to bring a bright and chic atmosphere.

    106,67 €
    2 weeks
  • Bigpascha Pendant Fraumaier
    657,50 € 2 weeks

    The Big Pascha suspension lamp, available in several colours, will dress up your living room and promise to be an eye-catcher. Its atypical style is designed by Fraumaier, a specialist in contemporary lighting.

    657,50 €
    2 weeks
  • Black alu socket pendant Nud
    28,33 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Brighten your interior by the most original way with the black alu socket pendant by Nud collection. Available in 22 colors!

    28,33 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Chromed alu socket pendant Nud
    30,00 € 2 weeks

    With its beautiful chrome touch, this aluminum socket pendant gives an industrial style to your home decor in a wink! Available in different cable colors.

    30,00 €
    2 weeks
  • White alu socket pendant Nud
    30,00 € 2 weeks

    A white aluminum socket pendant, simple and design with its colored fabric cord. Available in different colors.

    30,00 €
    2 weeks
  • Brass socket pendant Nud
    60,00 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Halfway between industrial design and craftsmanship, this brushed brass suspension gives character to your interior. A luminaire that gives a wide choice of cord colours.

    60,00 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Oak socket pendant Nud
    55,00 € 2 weeks

    The Nud wooden suspension refers to nature in all its purity with its sublime oak socket. You are free to choose the colour of the cord that goes with it!

    55,00 €
    2 weeks
  • Concrete socket pendant Nud
    53,33 € In stock, ships in 24h

    Add a nice raw touch to your lighting decoration with this colourful wire hanging lamp and its concrete socket from Nud Collection. A concrete socket to be combined with a wide range of cord colours.

    53,33 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • Copper socket pendant Nud
    60,00 € 2 weeks

    For a resolutely modern and industrial effect, opt for this small suspension with 100% copper socket from the Nud Collection. To be combined with a coloured cord of your choice.

    60,00 €
    2 weeks
  • Black socket pendant Nud
    32,92 € In stock, ships in 24h

    With elegance and sobriety, discover the pendant light Nud Collection, available in a wide range of cord colours.

    32,92 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • White socket pendant Nud
    30,00 € Out of stock

    Give pep to your ceilings with these colored pendants complemented by a beautiful white porcelain socket by Nud Collection .

    30,00 €
    Out of stock
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  • Aluminium socket pendant Nud
    60,00 € 2 weeks

    Proudly display your bulbs with this design brushed aluminum pendant lamp by the famous Swedish brand Nud Collection. Available with black or white fabric cable. Other cable colors available on request.

    60,00 €
    2 weeks
  • Natural cork socket pendant Nud
    55,00 € 2 weeks

    Original and eco-friendly, this pendant by Nud Collection impresses with its unique socket crafted from recycled wine corks. Cable available in white or black color (other cable colors available on request).

    55,00 €
    2 weeks
  • Small adaptable shade Nud
    35,42 € Out of stock

    Change your Nud pendant in a flash whith this small adaptable lampshade in metal. Available in black or white lacquered aluminium. Dimensions: 21 x 17 cms.

    35,42 €
    Out of stock
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  • Qahin Wall Lamp Design By Us
    450,00 € 2 weeks

    Transparency and the combination of beautiful materials characterise the Shahin suspension designed by Design By Us. A beautiful suspension made of blown glass and brass.

    450,00 €
    2 weeks
  • Lea Hanging Lamp Fraumaier
    115,83 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Opt for a simple and modern touch with the Lea suspension by Fraumaier. With its conical design, this lampshade is available in 3 different finishes to suit your interior.

    115,83 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Inclinaison Domestique Hanging Light ENO Studio
    579,17 € Out of stock

    Designed by the famous Matali Crasset, the large cylindrical suspension Illusion Domestique warmly illuminates your interior with sumptuous graphic effects.

    579,17 €
    Out of stock
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