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1. Acceptance of conditions

The Client agrees that they were aware of the specific conditions of sale on this screen when they made their order and state that they accept them without reservation.

These General Conditions of Sale define the contractual relation between SARL PURE DECO and their Client and the two parties accept them without reservation. These General Conditions of Sale supersede and annul all other conditions on any other document unless there is a specific written prior derogation. 


2. Products

The photographs of the products are not contractual. SARL PURE DECO is not responsible for any errors that may occur.

3. Order

The automatic registration systems are considered as sufficient proof of the nature, the content and the date of order. SARL PURE DECO will confirm to Client that the order has been accepted using the e-mail address that Client has given. The sale is not completed until the order has been verified. SARL PURE DECO has the right to cancel any order from a client with whom there is a dispute relating to payment for an earlier order. The information given by Client when making an order is their responsibility: in the event of an error in the delivery address, SARL PURE DECO can not be held responsible if it is impossible to deliver the order. 


4. Delivery

The order will be carried out within the times indicated on the page of the Site "Information Delivery" and in the Mail of Confirmation of order and in any event at the latest in the 30 (thirty) days following the Mail of Confirmation of order subject to the availability of the ordered article and except specific agreement between the Parts. It is expressly heard between the Parts that these delivery periods are mentioned as an indication and to in no case PURE DECO cannot guarantee these deadlines to You.

If You choose to pay by bank transfer, your order will be treated only with the cashing of this one and the applicable times will be those at the day of the cashing by PURE DECO of the transfer.

In the event of order of several articles at the same time and having different times of delivery, the time of delivery of order will be fixed according to the longest time.

The articles will be delivered to the address of delivery which you will have indicated during your process of order. In this respect, the information stated by your care during the ordering engages You. In the event of error in the wording of your co-ordinates (in particular first name, number and street name, postal code, telephone number, addresses mail or access code etc....), PURE DECO could not be held responsible for the impossibility of delivery. In this case, the expenses of new delivery will be with your load and invoiced at their real cost.

The delivery will be carried out as of the handing-over of the article(s) at the Post office or any private conveyor (the post office and any private conveyor being hereafter called "the Conveyor").

The delivery form (and/or the acknowledgement of delivery) given by the Conveyor, dated and signed by your care at the time of the delivery of the article(s) will constitute a proof of transport delivery.

At the delivery, PURE DECO recommends to you to proceed to the observation of the state of the article(s) delivered before signing the delivery form and/or the acknowledgement of delivery of the parcel of the Conveyor.

In the event of absence (of the consignee) at the time of the delivery, the Conveyor will deposit a transit advice note to the address of delivery indicated by your care. The article(s) will have to be withdrawn with the address and according to methods' indicated by the Conveyor.

In the event of not-withdrawal within the time limits defined by the Conveyor, the article(s) will be turned over to PURE DECO which reserves the right to refund the price of it (them), the carriage costs remaining with your load.

In the event of delays, damages, losses total or partial, or of some other problem, it rests with to you to exert any recourse near the Conveyor, without the responsibility for PURE DECO being able never to be blamed.

If you note anomalies, you must notify to the Conveyor reserves handwritten, precise, and dated by letter registered with acknowledgement of delivery in the three (3) working days according to the reception from the article(s). A copy will be addressed to PURE DECO. Then according to the case defined in article 5.4 below, you will be able to profit from the conditions of exchange and refunding envisaged in this article.



5. Cancellation

You have 30 days from receiving the articles to make up your mind, 15 days on sale and specials. If you change your opinion and want a refund for your purchase, you have to ask for a return by connecting to your account at If your return is accepted, you have to send the article(s) back in their original packaging, intact and accompanied by all the accessories if there are any, the instructions for use and other documentation, to the address below:


111 avenue Camille Pujol



Should you exercise this right of cancellation, SARL PURE DECO will refund all payments made, excluding the cost of returning the goods. The refund will be made within maximum 30 days. 


6. Price

The prices are in EUROS.

Prices on product sheets do not include delivery costs.

The price shown on the order confirmation is the final price and it will not be subject to change ; it includes all taxes and VAT for France and EC countries. This price includes the product price, handling, packaging, storage costs and delivery. 


7. Payment

The price invoiced to Client is the price shown on the order confirmation sent by SARL PURE DECO.

The price of the products is payable at the time of purchase on the day the order becomes effective.

Payment can be made by bankcards with the CB logo or bank transfer.

The CYBERMUT site provides secure payment via the CREDIT MUTUEL banking server.

The number of your bankcard is directed to the bank's server and your payment is made directly to a bank in a secure environment without transiting via the store server. This provides a much greater assurance that your number is only known by our partner bank ; the Crédit Mutuel.

The order confirmed by Client will not be considered as effective until the bank payment centre has authorised it. In the event that this centre refuses it, the order is automatically cancelled and Client advised by e-mail. Additionally, SARL PURE DECO has the right to cancel any order from a client with whom there is an unresolved dispute.

8. Jurisdiction

This agreement is subject to the laws of France. SARL PURE DECO cannot be held responsible for damage of any sort, whether actual, theoretical or personal that may result from the poor operation of one of the products sold. This also applies for any changes made to products by their manufacturers. For all and any claim, the responsibility of SARL PURE DECO is limited to the value of the order and is not engaged for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all the precautions taken in presenting the products. In case of difficulties in applying this agreement, Client has the option, prior to any legal action, of seeking an agreed solution specifically with the assistance of a professional association for the sector, a consumer's association or any other adviser of their choice.

It should be noted that seeking an agreed solution does not interrupt the 'short delay' of legal guarantees nor the contractual length of this guarantee. It should also be noted that as a general rule, with the reservation that the courts can change their approach, the respect of the clause of this contract in respect of the guarantee assumes that Client has met their financial obligations to SARL PURE DECO. 
For any other useful information for which Client does not find a response herein, Client can contact SARL PURE DECO by e-mail addressed to :

Any claims or disputes will be attentively and carefully evaluated and those who take the trouble to explain the circumstances are always presumed to be honest. In the event of a dispute, Client should first contact the company to try and find an agreed solution.

Should this fail, the Commercial Court within the competence of the registered office of PURE DECO is the only competent court whatever the place of delivery and whatever means of payment is accepted. 


9. Guarantee

SARL PURE DECO cannot be held responsible for a failure to respect the current regulations or laws in the destination country. SARL PURE DECO's responsibility is always limited to the value of the product in question, valued at its date of sale and this without the possibility of claims against he trademark or the manufacturer.

In all circumstances, Client has a legal guarantee against vices and hidden faults (Articles 1625 and the following of the Code Civil –French civil law). Provided that Client can demonstrate that there is a hidden defect, Vendor is legally obliged to repair all the consequences (Articles1641 and the following of the Code Civil –French civil law). Should Client contact the courts, they must do so within a 'short delay' of finding the hidden defect (Article1648 of the Code Civil –French civil law).

10. Legal notice

The collection of personal information is compulsory for mail order sales and this information is essential for preparing and delivering orders, preparing invoices and guarantee agreements. A failure to provide this information will result in an order not being accepted. As required by the " Informatique et Libertés " law (French data protection law), the use of Client's personal data is declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL). Under article 34 of the law of 6 January 1978 Client has a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of data about themselves which they can exercise via SARL PURE DECO. Additionally, SARL PURE DECO agrees not to communicate, free of charge or for payment, the addresses of its clients to other third parties.




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