The trivet is one of the essential accessories in a kitchen. In wood, silicone or stainless steel, black or red, graphic or classic, plain or with a print, the trivet is certainly a useful object during meals, but it is also a trendy and decorative object. Many brands have created unique models such as Joseph Joseph, Ferm Living, Eva Solo or Remember. Discover our trivet guide to choose the right trivet for your home.

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What are the different functions of the trivet?

A trivet is a familiar kitchen object on a table or worktop and can be used in a variety of ways:

  •     A table rest. This is the original function of the trivet. Thanks to its technical characteristics, it can be used to place a hot or wet dish on a tablecloth or table without damaging it. In the kitchen, it can also be used to place a hot lid or a pan that has just been cooked in a bain-marie, for example.
  •     A decorative object chosen for its colours or materials. Placed in the centre of the table, the wooden trivet creates a natural atmosphere, while the porcelain bead trivet brings a romantic and chic touch to an interior.
  •     A tray for presenting certain foods. To use your trivet as a serving tray, choose light materials such as silicone or smooth materials such as glass trivets.
  •     A chopping board for coasters of sufficient size. For this function, choose glass coasters rather than cork or wooden coasters.

The design coaster is therefore much more than an object intended to protect the tablecloth or table from hot dishes. It is in fact a kitchen element with a whole range of functions, both practical ones, such as the serving tray, and decorative ones, such as the natural wood coaster.

Choosing the right material for your trivet

Glass trivet, wooden trivet or metal trivet, what is the best choice for your kitchen object? All trivet materials have been specially designed to protect your tables and tablecloths from the heat of a cooking pot, for example. You will therefore have at your disposal products offering the best quality-price ratio. To make your choice, you should consider the decorative effect you wish to bring to your kitchen or dining room. Here are the different materials used to create design coasters:

  •     The glass coaster plays on transparency and colourful patterns. Glass allows the colour of the table or tablecloth to show through and adds new decorative touches with its own colours.
  •     Silicone trivets. Silicone is also used to make your cake tin or pan lid. Silicone trivets are light in weight but still offer excellent heat resistance.
  •     The metal trivet, made of cast iron, steel, stainless steel or stainless steel. These models are heavier, but are just as heat resistant.
  •     The wooden or bamboo trivet is an ecological and very practical model. On each product, you can appreciate the natural details of the wood, such as the veins or the colour variations of the wood.
  •     The porcelain trivet is one of the chic products available at a low price. This trivet model can also be used as a decorative object in the home.

From glass coasters to stainless steel trivets, all materials are available in a wide range of colours: black, red, white, green, yellow, multicoloured, etc. This play of materials and colours makes your table unique and in harmony with the decoration of your home.

What is the ideal size for a designer trivet?

Depending on the size of your table, you may be wondering what the ideal size for a trivet is. While it is true that a trivet is a product that is available in different sizes, you should know that the choice of its dimensions will have a direct impact on your table decoration. By opting for a small product, you can increase your decorative possibilities by adding, for example, a second trivet. This is an opportunity to mix colours and materials to create a unique product. You will have made your own model of extendable trivet.

In addition, the small trivet is ideal for optimising storage: it fits into a shelf or drawer without taking up too much space. You can also leave it on your table when you are not eating: it will give an extra touch of decoration to your home. The trivets selected by Pure Deco are items available in stock at low prices. By ordering your product on the Internet, you can benefit from delivery in France within two days. To lower the price of your set of articles even more, take advantage of the sales that regularly appear in your favourite shop.

Bringing fantasy to your table with a table mat

Just like the choice of placemats, the choice of design and print of your table mat gives your table a special atmosphere. As it is not only used to protect your table from hot dishes, it is important to choose a design trivet that matches your taste.

  •     For an elegant and refined table, the porcelain pearl trivet is a delicate piece of decoration. Since the size of the beads varies according to the model, don't hesitate to combine two products to create an extendable trivet. Finally, the design of this trivet allows you to use it as a decorative item in several rooms of your house.
  •     If you want to please your child, choose colourful trivets such as glass or cork trivets. Square, rectangular or oval in shape, they fit easily around your dishes and pots.
  •     The bamboo product is ideal for raw tables and natural settings. Bamboo is a material used to make many objects such as a bamboo toothbrush, a water glass, a children's kitchen set, a bath mat, kitchen utensils, a chopping board, etc.
  •     The modern table stand is graphic and original. With geometric or abstract shapes, it offers a mixture of colours or, on the contrary, a monochrome. The trendy table rest is also an idea for a personalised gift.
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  • N12 Trivet Remember
    13,25 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Make way for an explosion of colour for a cheerful interior with the N12 design glass coaster from Remember!

    13,25 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • N5 Glass Board Remember
    21,58 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Discover the N5 design glass board, signed Remember. Versatile, it will be very useful for preparing your dishes or for setting an elegant table.

    21,58 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • N4 Glass Board Remember
    21,58 € 2 weeks

    Remember offers you the N4 rectangular glass chopping board, with its multicoloured graphics, composed of a festival of modern and playful stripes.

    21,58 €
    2 weeks
  • N11 Trivet Remember
    13,25 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    The N11 glass coaster created by Remember puts design and graphics at the heart of your table. Discover its beautiful square format of 21.5 x 21.5 cm.

    13,25 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • N9 Trivet Remember
    13,25 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Discover the elegant design of the N9 trivet created by Remember. A trio of colourful stripes to cheerfully dress up your table or worktop.

    13,25 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • N10 Trivet Remember
    13,25 € 2 weeks

    Elegance and design characterise the beautiful N10 trivet created by Remember. Made of glass and resistant, it is versatile and will become an ally in your daily life.

    13,25 €
    2 weeks
  • E1 Oval coffeee table
    22,50 € In stock, ships in 24h

    Tree trivet made out of beech, designed by Reine Mère and made in France.

    22,50 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • Sammi Trivets Bloomingville
    18,25 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Decorative and practical, these round trivets keep your table warm from your dishes. In a natural style, they protect and embellish your worktop or dining table.

    18,25 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • SL5 Trivet
    55,00 € Out of stock

    These 28 porcelain pearls form an attractive accessory to put your dishes on.

    55,00 €
    Out of stock
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  • White SL5.5 place-mat
    28,33 € Out of stock

    With its aspect of necklace, SL5.5 is a fantastic trivet.

    28,33 €
    Out of stock
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  • Perle Gold Trivet Slawinski
    59,17 € Out of stock

    So chic with its 28 porcelain pearls and its golden touch, Perle Gold trivet decorates your table with taste and fantasy.

    59,17 €
    Out of stock
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  • Design glass trivet Solena
    13,25 € Out of stock

    The time of dull trivet is over with the Solena colored glass trivet! A trivet in the practical square format of 21.5 x 21.5 cm.

    13,25 €
    Out of stock
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