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More practical than a toy box or a storage box, the storage bag is above all a two-in-one bag since, depending on the needs, it can be used as a floor mat, a play mat or a storage bag. The Play and Go brand has come up with original designs as well as a high-quality, waterproof, quilted cotton storage bag mat to suit all children. Illustrated, reversible or striped, here are all the advantages of the children's storage bag which becomes a play mat in just a few seconds.

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Play mat or storage bag: don't choose between these two essential products

You put your baby on a mat so that he can play safely and you use a box or a bag to store his toys. The famous children's decoration brand, Play and Go, suggests that you swap your chest, your toy bin, your baskets and your various toy boxes for a two-in-one product: the nomadic floor mat that converts into a storage bag.

A two-in-one product ideal for transporting children's toys

There are countless toys for babies and young children: for the older ones, small cars, plush toys, dolls or dinettes, and for the younger ones, games and learning toys. But when it's time to leave, the question of storing the toys arises.

So, in order to easily transport the children's toys, Play and Go offers a new product: the play mat that transforms into a mobile toy bag. So, when you go on holiday, to the grandparents', to the park or to a restaurant, you can be sure that you will always have your baby's or your child's favourite toys at hand.

The play mat or storage bag to create a comfortable play area

This storage bag becomes a play mat and creates a new space in which baby can move around peacefully. The baby play mat bag is ideal for infants as it is made of padded cotton. Your baby can play safely with the play mat in Grandma and Grandpa's living room, on the terrace of your holiday home, etc.

Older children also have their own play mat. Just as comfortable and practical, it will be more welcoming than cold tiles in a house or wet grass in a park. The organic cotton baby mat and the children's play mat become easy to use and transport storage bags.

The portable storage bag mat, between practical gift and design accessory

It is decorative in a child's room, it is used as a support for games and it takes up little space in the car: here is the children's storage bag mat. Available in stock at a low price and with fast delivery, in pink, white or stripes, it has become an essential birth gift.

The children's storage bag mat is a gift that appeals to both children and parents

The storage bag mat, which can be transformed into a floor mat or a mobile storage bag, is a gift that young parents love. This product, available in stock at a small price, is colourful and stylish, but also useful and practical. It allows you to collect all your baby's toys and games in a flash.

It is also a product that is perfect for babies and young children who like to play on it. Unlike baskets, boxes, a bin or a chest, children can play on the quilted cotton storage mat. There is also a complete collection of mat bags with original designs such as a car circuit, a train circuit, animals, letters, circus, etc.

The children's bag mat: a high quality product available at a low price

Many brands, such as Nobodinoz, 3 Sprouts or Moulin Roty, have designed products to store baby's things in the bedroom. But the strength of the Play and Go storage bag, sometimes written Play&Go, is that it offers :

  •     a floor mat that is also a storage bag;
  •     a storage bag mat that is easy to use and clean;
  •     a floor mat that is comfortable for baby to play with his favourite toy;
  •     a storage bag big enough to carry baby's favourite games.

Indeed, the children's storage bag mat will be transported and moved indoors or outdoors, in a bedroom, at the beach, in a restaurant, etc. It is therefore waterproof and easily cleaned. It is therefore waterproof and easily washable. This fabric storage bag also has drawstrings or a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

In addition, you can buy a reversible storage bag and give your child a playground that is twice as big. The reversible floor mat is like a canvas: a printed car circuit on the inside and a large van on the outside.

Whether you're storing your baby's clothes or a set of baby accessories, depending on his or her stage of development, the cotton bag mat is a must-have purchase for young families. It often features prominently on a baby's birth list, alongside other gifts.

The colours and patterns of the children's storage bag mat

This reversible product appeals to both children and parents because it is very good value for money, but also because it is a designer product. Indeed, there is a complete collection of storage bags: pink, white or sky-coloured floor mats, illustrated or striped, storage bags with stars or baobab drawings, etc. Forget DIY accessories for storing baby's laundry, accessories and toys and opt for a modern and practical floor mat storage bag.

When you buy online, you'll benefit from fast delivery in France and worldwide. This is an opportunity for you to introduce this novelty to friends who have recently welcomed their first child: an original and necessary birth gift idea.

In conclusion, when Play and Go tries to make life easier for parents while offering comfort to children, it gives very nice and practical storage mats.

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