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Napkins have gone from being necessary objects to real decorative items. The Françoise Paviot collection is a collection of non-woven napkins that can be adapted to all styles thanks to a wide selection of colours and patterns. In cocktail napkin or table napkin format, offer your guests a unique experience: a disposable table linen, but with a fabric look. Indeed, the particularity of these products is that they are disposable napkins with a fabric look. Made in France, the Françoise Paviot disposable napkins will seduce you as well by their quality as by their resistance and their originality.

Françoise Paviot non-woven napkins: a quality table linen 100% made in France

Françoise Paviot succeeded in a unique marriage: the quality of manufacture and the originality of the design. Because the Françoise Paviot napkin is indeed a very high quality paper napkin, resistant and with a fabric look. But it is also an original, design and elegant napkin which wakes up a table and creates a personalized table decoration.

Adopt Françoise Paviot napkins for their quality and their French manufacture
Françoise Paviot napkins are unique products, designed and made in France. Forget the paper napkins which tear and avoid the fabric napkins which must be washed and ironed: here are Françoise Paviot non-woven napkins. Indeed, Françoise Paviot towels are paper towels with a fabric look. They are tear-proof and very resistant. They also have a real fabric feel to the touch.
Françoise Paviot is a French brand specialising in tableware and high-end non-woven fabrics with a fabric effect. The design of each model of fabric-effect paper napkins is made in France, south-east of Lyon, in Corbas to be precise. The Françoise Paviot napkin manufacturing workshop is also located in Corbas. To adopt Françoise Paviot towels is to choose French quality.

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Choose Françoise Paviot napkins for an essential decorative asset on a table
In addition to their French manufacture, Françoise Paviot napkins have another major advantage: they are an essential decorative asset on a table or a tablecloth. Indeed, the Françoise Paviot non-woven napkins collection offers a complete variety of patterns and colours to suit all occasions. Party tables, official banquets or cocktail parties, you will find design napkins specially imagined for your atmosphere.
Napkins alone create a special atmosphere on a table. Whether art deco, flamingo, cloud, panther or peacock, each pack of non-woven napkins is a real work of art. Placed on a tablecloth, the disposable napkin catches the eye and captures the attention of the guests. By offering non-woven disposable napkins on your tablecloth, you will not need a table runner. Guests will first be charmed by the patterns and colours of their non-woven napkin, and then be won over by its soft feel and high durability.

Cocktail napkins and disposable paper napkins with a fabric look

Decoration is appreciated in the smallest details, of which the napkins are a part. On this page you will find a large list of original products of the highest quality. Each disposable towel is designed and manufactured in France. You will therefore benefit from a fast shipping and delivery of your napkin package. So, disposable napkin design or original paper napkin, discover the collection of non-woven napkins Françoise Paviot.

Françoise Paviot towels for all occasions
Throughout the year, the occasions to set a table are numerous. However, not all tables have the same decorative accessories. Some are indispensable, while others are seasonal. Thanks to the Françoise Paviot range of napkins, you will be able to add to your table a product that is as useful as it is decorative: the non-woven disposable napkin.
For a cocktail or a meal, in winter or in summer, at lunchtime or in the evening, the Françoise Paviot disposable napkin is suitable for all occasions. Moreover, you will find two sizes of napkins in stock. Indeed, according to your needs, you can choose :
- a packet of cocktail size napkins, 25 x 25 cm;
- a packet of napkins in napkin size, i.e. 40 x 40 cm.
Also, find a pattern or colours that suit the mood you want to create. Pink, silver, white, red, marshmallow, green or tomato, the Françoise Paviot napkin allows you to show your originality in an essential product.

    Disposable napkins with the advantages of cloth napkins

Disposable paper napkins tear easily. It is often necessary to use several of them during a meal. Moreover, the colours tend to fade: the decorated disposable napkin then becomes a disaster. To remedy this problem, Françoise Paviot has developed non-woven napkins. These are disposable items, but also products with the same appearance as the fabric.
Moreover, these disposable articles of very high quality make your reception table a real art gallery. You will find all the technical information you need during your search. But you will also find a wide variety of designs and colours available from stock:
- non-woven napkins decorated with an oasis motif, a hot air balloon motif, a kimono motif, etc. ;
- gold, art deco, berber, green herringbone, green leaf, orange fern, etc. disposable napkins;
- Paros blue, Paros yellow, chairlift, telecabin, etc.; etc;
- etc.
Your table will then look like an original exhibition that your guests will enjoy discovering before tasting the different dishes. Some books suggest techniques for folding napkins. But you can save these books. Françoise Paviot's disposable napkins have designs that are self-sufficient and can be displayed on a patterned tablecloth or on a plain coloured tablecloth.
In short, when design, originality and elegance are combined with French know-how, the customer has the opportunity to enhance his table and his tablecloth with a package of non-woven disposable napkins with a fabric look.

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