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Nud CollectionAs a Nud dealer, Pure Deco offers you the collection of lighting and bulbs of the Swedish brand.

Nud Collection is a brand founded by Staffan Svensson, which offers a wide range of decorative light bulbs and suspensions with coloured wires for light bulbs. The spirit of NUD can be summed up in three words: "smart, fun and affordable".

The principle of the Nud suspension is simple: choose a concrete, brass, copper, black or white socket... For each socket, there are many colours of textile cord. Add a large decorative bulb, filament, led or energy saving. That's it!

Compose, create and design your own hanging lights according to your desires. Thanks to the NUD Collection, surprise with colourful, aesthetic and pure lamps. The colour and material combinations for the socket, cable and bulb allow you to be creative and create brilliant lights.
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NUD Collection reinvents lighting by offering you original and authentic combinations for your lamps and suspensions. In the bedroom, the living room or the kitchen, dare to think of an interior in your image and create an original atmosphere with the NUD Collection collection of lamps and luminaires.
Infinite combinations for unique designer lights and pendant lamps

The Swedish brand NUD Collection puts its know-how at your disposal to light up your life and awaken the decor of your rooms. The bulbs are no longer hidden behind a lampshade. Instead, they are highlighted by an original design and unique textile cords. The originality of the NUD Collection lies in the endless combination of textile cords, sockets and bulbs. You can create your own decoration in the bedroom, living room, office or entrance hall of your home.
NUD Collection pendant lamp holders

For your hanging lamps and lighting fixtures, you will find in stock a large collection of original lampholders designed by the Swedish design brand NUD Collection:

    Natural cork socket.
    Brass lampholder.
    White aluminium lampholder.
    Oak lampholder.
    Copper lampholder.
    Chrome aluminium socket.
    Porcelain socket.
    Concrete socket.
    And so on.

Textile cords make their presence felt in designer lighting

To highlight your decor and illuminate your meals or your evenings of relaxation, the Swedish brand NUD Collection has imagined numerous colours for its textile cords. This is the originality of the brand: to allow you to create a decoration that only looks like you. The suspension cord is proudly displayed in original colours that match the material of the sockets. Whether orange, red, green or blue, make your selection according to the effect you want to achieve with your designer pendant.
Decorative bulbs for a designer interior

Scandinavian style lighting features light bulbs. These decorative bulbs or filament bulbs illuminate as well as fascinate. NUD Collection offers the perfect setting for decorative light bulbs: hanging lamps with textile cords in different colours and sockets with customised materials. The filament bulbs are original because of the shape of the filament, but also because of the shape of the bulb.

    The shape of the filament captivates the eye, such as the fir tree filament, the crossed filament, the spiral filament or the squirrel cage filament.
    The shape of the bulb diffuses the light like the oval bulb, the tube-shaped bulb or the globe-shaped bulb.

NUD Collection reinvents designer lighting and suspension lamps

Textile cord, socket and bulb allow you to compose an exclusive and modern light. Whether as main or accent lighting, luminaires are decorative pieces that create an atmosphere in an interior.
NUD Collection's pendant lights to energise your interior

Depending on the cord, socket and decorative bulb you choose, you can invent your own light fixture. For example, here are some ideas for combining your hanging lamps with your decorating style:

    An industrial style decoration with a chrome aluminium socket and an orange textile cord.
    A Scandinavian suspension with a natural cork socket and a beige textile cord.
    A modern and trendy light with a copper socket and a coloured textile cord.

The Swedish brand NUD Collection offers you the possibility to create a light fitting according to your taste. Vintage lighting, trendy lighting and Scandinavian lighting come to life with the combination of coloured fabric cords, original sockets and decorative bulbs. You will enjoy imagining the decoration of your dreams and creating a stylish and design light source.
Design decoration with NUD Collection pendant and light fittings

Side lamps, bedside lamps or mood lamps, dare to be different and design your lights and suspensions. You can create a unique chandelier by combining different NUD Collection pendant lamps. Thanks to a rose and a mounting kit, you will make your decoration shine. The ceiling roses are available with different characteristics:

    Different sizes of rosettes with a diameter of twelve centimetres, twenty centimetres or forty centimetres.
    The different colours of the ceiling light such as white lacquer, black lacquer, matt white or matt black.
    The number of suspensions of the chandelier, one suspension, three suspensions, six suspensions, etc.

You can thus choose the size of your chandelier and the number of hangers according to the size of your room.

Original decorative lamps for a designer interior

In addition to the designer chandeliers, NUD Collection has created other original lamps. This is the case, for example, with the metal and aluminium lampshade. It can be installed on wired pendant lamps and, like a slightly open door, it allows the originality of the decorative bulb to show through its adjustable shade.

The brackets are also very suitable for creating decorative lamps. Easily attached to the wall in the bedroom or living room, the bracket allows you to hang and display your hanging lamp.

Finally, the NUD Collection table lamp fits into your interior design in the most beautiful way. A solid birch base, a filament bulb and a fabric cord move from room to room to light up your life and bring warmth and happiness to your decor.

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