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Broste CopenhagenSince 50 years, Broste Copenhagen is a Danish family business that manufactures and distributes interior products throughout the world. They have their own team of designers who draw their creative collections which are renewed twice a year.

The Nordic spirit and charming decor are the basis of the collection of Broste Copenhagen that has a wide selection of items for interior decoration.
Created with modern materials like wood and wicker, these ornaments have preserved the charm of yesteryear. The candle, which has a special place in the Nordic countries where light is scarce in winter, is found in all its forms in their creations. Naturally, they offer a good range of well related accessories such as candlesticks and candleholders that highlight the special warmth that emerges from "living with light" (a living light). In the same spirit Nordic their collection of accessories for Christmas proves to be very varied and original.
Most of the collection of candles Broste Copenhagen is made within their factory.

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