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Gangzai DesignIn the field of modern art, the French brand Gangzai stands out thanks to its surprising and dreamlike creations. The Gangzai collections are unique and known throughout the world. It is a clever mix of 19th century design and contemporary spirit that has given birth to a work that is unequalled today.
The original pieces follow one another throughout the collections: Arti Collection, Safari Collection, Curiosito Collection, Onirik Collection, etc. So, Torotoucan, Rosie or Dinetto tray, square pocket tray, or Tiger Flower coasters, we invite you to discover the enchanting world of Gangzaï.  

The French brand Gangzaï reinvents interior decoration

A product created by the Gangzaï brand is an offbeat product that makes an impression. It brings a surreal and original touch to interior decoration.

Our Gangzaï shop:

Gangzai products, a promise of a journey into another universe

Fishkoï, Rascaqueen, Aristo Fish, Tiger Flower and Rosie are among the emblematic creations of the French brand Gangzaï. Atypical, offbeat, surreal, the list of adjectives to define it is impressive, so much it surprises and stands out from contemporary designers.

Indeed, Gangzaï proposes objects that make you smile, that make you dream and that strike the senses:

    the large Giraflore tray ;

    the round Rascaqueen tray

    the Fishkoï coasters;

    the MoutBoots tea towel

    the square Ploufman tray;


The Gangzai brand has created a strong and surrealist design for each of these products. Octopus, tiger and Japanese carp are mixed with offbeat and colourful worlds.

In addition, it has set up strong partnerships to make art more accessible. Thus, the collaboration with the Louvre has given rise to pieces that travel beyond the borders of France, all over the world. The Louvre collection honours the city of Paris with pouches, bowls, tea towels, paperweights, etc.

Gangzai opts for deep colours and an enchanting look

The originality of Gangzai products can be summed up in two elements: the graphics and the colours. As far as the graphics are concerned, they give the decorative object an atypical and surreal soul. It plunges the viewer into another world.

For example, in a large tray made of FSC-certified birch laminate, a pink elephant is sitting in the middle of a porcelain decoration. Similarly, the round Rascaqueen tray features the face of a woman whose hair represents a scorpion fish, a rock fish with spines.

Colours are just as important in the Gangzai brand's universe. They contribute to the success of the trays, magnets, tea towels and other storage containers. Electric blue, flamboyant red, varnished metal or sunny yellow, the work on colours is a signature of the Parisian brand Gangzaï.

Home accessories designed by the French brand Gangzaï

From tea towels to trays and even cubbyholes, Gangzaï invites itself into every room of the house to awaken it. With humour and love, the brand produces striking and design objects.

Gangzai trays, design accessories for the home

In France, Gangzaï gives a new lease of life to home decoration. The brand creates trays that are remembered and that fit in with a surrealist trend. You can choose between different formats and materials:

    a square iron tray ;

    a round iron tray with rim;

    a round tray in laminated birch;

    a rectangular tray in birch laminate;

    a large tray made of FSC certified wood;


Gangzai's original creations are placed on these design trays. The black cat on the Rosie model or the pink elephant in the middle of the porcelain on the Dinetto tray are some of the pieces you will find in stock at the best price.

The Gangzai coaster set that gives drinks a lift

Hibook, Tiger Flower and Fishkoï are among the many coasters designed by Gangzai. While a set of coasters is used to protect a table, the Gangzai set can also be used to decorate a room in the house. The bright colours and surprising patterns bring originality to a table or a desk next to a paperweight.

Each set of coasters plunges you into a dreamlike world that will be hard to tear your eyes away from. Round, made of ceramic and cork, the Gangzai coaster will arouse the curiosity of young and old. In our shop or on our online site, you will find a selection of the most beautiful pieces. Whether it's the price per unit, manufacturing details or customer reviews, you'll have all the information you need before making your purchase.

Gangzai cubbyholes to enchant your interior decoration

The Gangzai pocket divider is one of the flagship pieces of the famous brand. Made of metal and designed in-house, the Gangzai pocket divider is undeniably an extraordinary decorating accessory. Both useful and poetic, practical and enchanting, it uses its colours and design to become a must-have.

Placed on a console at the entrance to the house, on a coffee table in the living room or a bedside table in the bedroom, the Gangzai pocket divider offers a designer storage space. Here's a list of four Gangzai bins where you might find one of your favourites:

    Mary Jane square pocket divider;

    the Rebecca metal pocket divider; and

    the Diva porcelain pocket divider;
    the Miss Fuji pocket divider with its glossy finish.

Thanks to its atypical design and its remarkable colours, the Gangzai pocket tray can easily be transformed into an original wall decoration.

In conclusion, Gangzai takes the dust off interior design and infuses it with modernity and surrealism. Deep colours and offbeat motifs are Gangzai's trademark. The love of humour and graphics has given birth to atypical and authentic objects that you will not be able to do without.

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