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  • Adjamée

    Coussin Adjmaee
    The French decoration brand Adjamée brings a fresh look at interior design, with its warm collections inspired by travel and landscapes. In search of the perfect fabric around the world, Talissa Bachelot launched the creation of Adjamée in 2017.
    Everyday accessories that make you travel
    Adjamée's universe is a true patchwork of the travels of her creator Talissa Bachelot. Whether in Australia, Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast or Peru, she brings back fabrics, graphics and patterns from each of her excursions, to transform them into decorative accessories.
    Her goal: to find the perfect fabric, the one that dresses while traveling. The one that decorates and colours, without being outrageous. But each country is full of surprises and specificities: that's why after each of his trips, a new collection is born.
    And in each new collection, Talissa Bachelot tells a story: the story of the country that welcomed her. She draws her inspiration from photos and memories to tell the richness of the cultures she has encountered, the colours and shapes she has been nourished by.
    Cushions, mirrors, plaids, headbands and pouches are created and embellished with an inimitable ethnic charm. What makes the Adjamée brand so special is its unique products inspired by personal experiences, landscapes and encounters.
    Adjamée, a colourful and respectful decoration brand
    At the end of 2019, Adjamée launched its very first collection of its own, inspired by a trip to Australia. Talissa Bachelot wanted to represent it in all its splendour, with reliefs and perspectives dancing in the wind. Cushions with flamboyant patterns representing the Australian lands, planters with abundant colours, unique and diverse shapes... Adjamée's creations decorate an interior with taste, and allow you to travel by proxy.
    Combining comfort and elegance, Adjamée uses only the highest quality materials, manufactured with the utmost respect, to create noble and distinguished decorative accessories. Travel is within reach!

    Adjamee shop:

  • Alaskan Maker

    Alaskan Maker

    Alaskan Maker is a team of professionals with know-how enriched by many years of travelling around the world. Celine and Baptiste Vandenberghe started this adventure a few years ago, deciding to combine their passions for design, entrepreneurship and creativity.

    The notion of essential accessory, Alaskan Maker product guide

    It all started with a leather apron, and the idea of improving its design according to the purpose. Alaskan Maker's team then began to question the design of other objects, and their real need. From this reflection was born the idea of creating articles optimized according to their practical purpose, while respecting three major conditions: that the products are beautiful, robust and practical.
    Alaskan Maker then began to tame this complicated material that is leather: soft leather, genuine leather, smooth leather, black leather... All types of leather, in order to create many artisanal product variations, and meet the desires and demands of its customers.
    The Alaskan Maker creative team is located in France (Lille), and each creation draws its inspiration from North America: wildlife, raw nature and large green spaces and mountains. The idea is to reconnect with the essential, and get rid of the superfluous.
    Toilet kits, log holders, key rings, brazier or work apron... All Alaskan Maker creations are created by and for adventurers: elegant and practical, they are made to resist. Leather, waxed canvas or raw steel, all the details are designed with this in mind!

    Alaskan Maker, a brand with human principles and respect for the environment
    The professionals who make up the Alaskan Maker team are all chosen for their experience and know-how. All Alaskan Maker products are manufactured and designed to be respectful of both the environment and human dignity.
    The manufacturing workshops are located in China, but despite the distance, the teams work hand in hand to move forward in an equal way, listening to both employees and customers.
    Since January 2020, Alaskan Maker has had the opportunity to become a member of the association "1% for the planet", to which it will donate 1% of its turnover so that it can be invested in maintaining the well-being of the Earth. Respect, both human and ecological, is a priority for the founders and the Alaskan Maker team, who are trying to chase away the superfluous of their lives. Simplicity and robustness are the watchwords of this artisanal creative brand. Take to the open sea in complete serenity!

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  • Biederlack

    BiederlackBiederlack specialises in designing beautiful plaids, cushions and blankets. Design, quality and durability are at the heart of its values. It promotes a lifestyle that values the love of interiors and the spirit of cocooning, by creating highly warm and qualitative accessories. For more than a century, the German brand has been designing high-quality throws and blankets so that everyone can enjoy creations that respect women, men and the environment.

    Biederlack stands for design, quality and durability

    Using trendy colours and appealing patterns, the brand creates cocooning accessories with a contemporary style and carefully selected noble materials such as cotton, cashmere and wool. The search for originality is a value that is always renewed to offer maximum comfort to all those, adults and children, who choose its products. Each one of these products is designed according to precise rules at each stage of production, in the spinning mill located in Greven, Germany. Weaving, scraping, dyeing of the fibres, so many stages carried out with the greatest care to share a unique know-how and propose original collections with soft and trendy colours. The Biederlack universe or the art of being warm and decorating your home for moments of relaxation, conviviality and sharing.

    A lifestyle and eco-responsible brand that favours the spirit of cocooning and well-beingA lifestyle brand

    Biederlack is committed to designing products that respect people, the environment and resources. The brand makes it a point of honour to choose textiles made from sustainable materials (the yarns used are GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified). The brand's designs are often lightweight and very fine, with a focus on design motifs that invite cocooning. Biederlack wants people to feel comfortable in their homes and to enjoy living in the present with products that are like them. The Oeko-Tex certified accessories cover and decorate the beds, while at the same time enhancing the sofas and armchairs, inviting you to relax
    Translated wi

    Our Biederlack shop:

  • Blachere Ilumination


    Founded in 1970, Blachère Illuminations makes life sparkle. Light is life and it's in a family context that the company was born.

    Its purpose is to create the lights of the future, using technology but also ecology. Blachère lives its time, it is modern and its creations are wonderfull. In every place, ther is light for you.

    Blachère Illuminations also manufactures products such as Christmas lights and Christmas decorations designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Our Blachere selection :

  • Blomus


    The German brand Blomus, founded in 1961, became in the 2000s a recognized reference brand in the field of contemporary interior design, from decoration
    to modern accessories for the indoor and outdoor home. Blomus is passionate about
    Blomus is passionate about high quality craftsmanship, combined with a constantly renewed creativity.
    creativity. By using authentic materials, Blomus likes to stand out and highlight the elegance and originality of attractive and functional products. The brand blends inventiveness and timelessness through eclectic collections that offer a very wide choice of lighting, furniture and accessories for every room in our homes.

    Collections combining design and high standards, for a timeless art of living

    Blomus, through its innovative collections, offers a large choice of objects for the home.
    Lighting, tableware, household linen, furniture and decorative objects, each collection is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the
    collection is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the know-how of the German brand.
    The brand focuses on all areas of the home, room by room, offering modern and functional
    functional accessories designed to last over time. Blomus likes to create for today's and tomorrow's generations by promoting craftsmanship and quality.

    A passion for metal and authentic materials

    Metal work has been at the heart of Blomus' creations since the birth of the brand. The brand has become an expert in the creation of stainless metal accessories for the home. Metal is part of the DNA of the creations: Blomus offers collections of solid, durable design objects, with a timeless and often refined, even minimalist spirit. This specific know-how is particularly evident in the products designed for bathrooms. Stainless steel is widely used to guarantee the quality of many elegant and modern objects. Other products such as household linens, baskets and other small useful accessories have their place in the collections.

    Blomus, a demanding German brand for everyday life

    In addition to this specific metal work, Blomus combines it with many other raw materials
    such as concrete, wood, stoneware, wicker, earthenware or linen. This mix of materials allows the collections to be enriched in an inventive and functional spirit. The brand is interested in all areas of daily life and the spaces in which we live. Beautiful furniture, such as the Avio wooden coffee table, demonstrates Blomus' passion for clean forms, pure or curved and timeless lines. The aim is to create beauty and to emphasise it so that it can be fully experienced in everyday life.

    Quality production of contemporary objects at the heart of the Blomus collections

    Blomus favours the quality of the materials selected, using manufacturing processes that respect the environment and its employees. Always in search of excellence, the German brand transforms materials by looking for originality in the materials chosen, working with steel - the brand's flagship material - as with the contemporary Nidea lantern model, designed with powdered steel rods. Authentic materials shaped and designed to satisfy those who appreciate beautiful, useful and functional objects to decorate their homes.

    Our Blomus shop:

  • Bloomingville

    Bloomingville at Pure Deco

    Bloomingville is first the idea of ??a talented Danish chineuse, Betina Stampe, follower of French antiques and authentic chips. Since the creation of Bloomingville in 2000, she defined an own style by working with European designers facing the raw material, the handmade products and revisited vintage.

    After encountering a strong success in Denmark, the brand began to designate its own products. Today, the majority of creations proposed by the brand are "in-house" made. In a decidedly Scandinavian style, designers think products turned to the charm and nostalgia, often reworking classics : the "vintage updated."

    Accessories and home furniture, tableware or garden furniture, Bloomingville transports us into all areas of "home" through "home-made" ethics and a spirit of rest and relaxation.

    Our Bloomingville shop:

  • Brita Sweden

    Brita Sweden rug

    Brita Sweden rugs are known all over the world for their design and impeccable quality.

    Inspired by ancient Swedish weaving traditions, the family company Brita Sweden manufactures high quality products in Sweden. The brand offers a wide variety of plastic walkway mats in many sizes from 1 metre to 3 metres long. Brita Sweden rugs are for indoor and outdoor use and are compatible with underfloor heating. Famous for corridor and passageway carpets that can be washed in the machine, Brita Sweden also offers lounge-sized carpets, perfect on a terrace, under a dining table but also in a waiting room thanks to their extreme resistance and ease of maintenance. Brita Sweden rugs are also very popular because they allow you to put a rug even if you are allergic to dust.

    Timeless and full of life with its original designs and bright colours, the Brita Sweden collection brings a Scandinavian touch to your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room or terrace. Thanks to these multiple possibilities, Brita Sweden rugs create a decorative and comfortable world for the home.

    Pure Deco invites you to discover this colourful universe through its selection of indoor and outdoor carpets.

    Our Brita Sweden shop:

  • Broste Copenhagen

    Broste CopenhagenSince 50 years, Broste Copenhagen is a Danish family business that manufactures and distributes interior products throughout the world. They have their own team of designers who draw their creative collections which are renewed twice a year.

    The Nordic spirit and charming decor are the basis of the collection of Broste Copenhagen that has a wide selection of items for interior decoration.
    Created with modern materials like wood and wicker, these ornaments have preserved the charm of yesteryear. The candle, which has a special place in the Nordic countries where light is scarce in winter, is found in all its forms in their creations. Naturally, they offer a good range of well related accessories such as candlesticks and candleholders that highlight the special warmth that emerges from "living with light" (a living light). In the same spirit Nordic their collection of accessories for Christmas proves to be very varied and original.
    Most of the collection of candles Broste Copenhagen is made within their factory.

    Our Broste Copenhagen shop:

  • C Quoi

    CQUOIC.QUOI is the fruit of Pierre and Véronique Laubadère's association of ideas. A talented couple of designers who create and produce fun and original objects which bring a touch of poetry to your daily life. Whatever their creation, they cultivate a sense of the unexpected since “amazement leads to amusement” for them. And they do it very well!

    Smooth curves and soft shapes to brighten up everyday. A saucer that becomes a handle of a cup, a trivet that dismantles into a dice set, and even a vase that can be converted into a question mark. C QUOI brings originality to everyday objects by rethinking their forms.

    With their useful and flexible objects, which will fill your home with joy and poetry, C QUOI decided to revive French creativity.

    Our selection C. Quoi :

  • Coco and Co

    COCOThis new French brand designs contemporary and unconventional furnitures. COCO&CO EDITION consoles, tables and luminaries are all created with sobriety and fashion in mind.

    Before March 2011, Ludovic, Frédéric et Tony, aka Coco&Co, cultivated their talent in the meadow. In addition to their bucolic artistic studio, they have now opened a show-room in a city center. They took with them a wide assortment of objects they had designed. Cube-shaped tables, lamps casting supernatural shadows on the walls, luminous totems. Despite their discretion, the Cocos have even designed custom-made furnitures for well-known restaurants. A golden opportunity to know their art for those who haven't already.

    Our Coco & Co shop:

  • Comme ci Comme ça

    design poster

    It all started when interior designer Anne-Caroline and the design studio named Nom Commun, composed of Pauline Lavogez visual artist and Adelaide Devos designer, met. Comme ci Comme ça, it's the combination of talents and two worlds that have put their ideas together and created unique design deco posters.

    100% Made in France, Comme ci Comme ça offers decorative series of wall posters of quality on the theme of curiosity. Graphic and colorful posters in keeping with decorative trends and perfectly suited to contemporary, Scandinavian or Art Deco interiors. Thoughts in triptychs, posters can be exchanged to create a mix & match custom!

    The young French brand stands out by incorporating into its creations a gilding that illuminates each illustration with refinement. Your mind then flies into a utopian world and your eyes are exploring.

    The collection comes in 5 graphic and impetuous universes. Pure Deco invites you to discover its selection through the series Comme une évidence and Nuit et Jour.

    Our Comme ci Comme ca shop:

  • Design By Us

    design pendant

    Founded in 1999, Design By Us is an atypical Scandinavian design company. Design By Us has quickly made its mark by combining functionality and aesthetics. Driven by passion, the brand's creative team, a little provocative, plays with more colourful, daring and amusing palettes, but always in the spirit of contemporary Scandinavian tradition. A talent recognised by the Times Magazine, which voted it one of the ten best design companies in the world.

    Constantly evolving, this brand follows the course of time and puts forward its own style by developing sublime suspended and blown glass design lights, superb wall mirrors with singular asymmetrical lines and a line of furniture with a touch of baroque. All of this at an exceptional level of quality.

    Welcome to the playful and contemporary world of Design By Us. 

    Our Design By Us shop:

  • Edito

    Graphic and colored woven rug Edito
    Inspired by oriental influences, designer Isabelle Desauty has developed a collection of original carpets with an original design under the Edito brand. A graphic and refined spirit that breathes new life into the world of carpets. Hand-drawn by the creators in their Parisian studio, the carpet patterns are transcribed by manufacturers renowned for their know-how and the quality of their work on weaving looms. The result is all the more exceptional as the Heatset textile fibre used is known for its high resistance, ease of maintenance and extreme softness similar to wool!
    Committed to a responsible approach, all carpets are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and labelled "Confidence in Textiles", guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances in the products.
    Pure Deco transports you to this colourful and graphic world that will bring a contemporary and bold touch to your interior, whether in a living room, an office or a children's room.

    Our Edito shop:

  • Ekobo

    Ekobo bamboo

    Ekobo is a French brand founded by the Franco-American husband and wife duo, Boo and Bruno Louis, the Ekobo brand honours the principles of eco-design.

    Launched in 2003, Ekobo has continued to pursue its mission: to improve the impact of modern consumption on the planet. An expert in the manufacture of bamboo tableware accessories, she emphasizes a modern and refined style while favouring the use of ecological materials. The bamboo used by the brand is FSC certified, meaning that it can be harvested every three years without harming the environment.

    The Ekobo brand highlights many designers with styles that are more strongly supported than the others. It draws its creative ideas from everyday life and wishes to offer practical and ergonomic tableware accessories.

    Divided into several ranges: Gusto, Fresco, Prunto, as well as a collection for children: Bambino, Ekobo sells tableware accessories such as bamboo bowl, small and large salad bowl, tray, tableware box, citrus juicer....

    Ekobo's mission is to manufacture sustainable, resistant and above all ecological products using materials from eco-managed, 100% organic crops.

    Today, the brand not only offers its products as tableware accessories, but also as interior decoration products. Pure Deco is delighted to offer this innovative and ecological collection of products in soft and vibrant colours.

    Our Ekobo shop:

  • ENO Studio

    Eno studio
    cronym of Edition Nouveaux Objets, the ENO Studio brand was born in 2007. ENO Studio is a French design brand that publishes the most talented designers of the moment, such as Matali Crasset, Guillaume Delvigne, Thomas Eurlings and many others. ENO Studio cultivates a love of creation and chooses with particular sensitivity the designers who are part of the published collection.
    It was natural for Pure Deco to welcome ENO Studio in its selection of design objects and furniture. ENO Studio and Pure Deco share the same values of quality, simplicity, freedom and purity. As you will have understood, we are proud of this collaboration as well as the association of our respective brand images.
    ENO helps you transform your home into a pleasant place to live, with decorative objects such as lights, mirrors, furniture, vases and other decorative accessories. The lines are resolutely designed and associated with noble and top-of-the-range materials. The creations are modern and timeless, combining materials with brilliance to give style to the design. What do all their creations have in common? Elegance, certainly.

    Our ENO Studio shop:

  • Ferm Living

    Ferm LivingDiscover Ferm Living in the Pure Deco webshop. From wallpaper to cushions and tables, Pure Deco brings Ferm Living into your home with its graphic decoration, subtly coloured and with an incomparable Scandinavian design.

    Originally from a graphic design agency, Trine Andersen is a pioneer of the Danish brand Ferm Living. It conceives to propose to the company a new and original design. In 2005, his project can finally become a reality. It wants to form an identity specific to the Ferm Living brand. By its particular characteristics, it charms lovers of Scandinavian decoration.

    At the origin of the rise of Scandinavian design, Ferm Living remains today still the reference in Scandinavian decoration.

    Our Ferm Living shop:

  • Fleur de soleil

    Fleur de soleil tableclothFleur de soleil created its own design universe which combines fantasy with French savoir faire. Laurence Le Crocq, the founder member, is wedded to the western industrial tradition and has trusted France for her collections. She sees in it a symbol of impeccable quality deeply related to ethical working conditions. Moreover, Fleur de Soleil promotes the idea of a hierarchyless firm where disabled workers are more than welcome. Fleur de Soleil simply accepts people for what they are. Its respect for human beings has spread to environmental issues : its cotton printing techniques are Certex Eco labelled.
    Laurence Le Crocq's collections are as varied as beatiful. Little by little, Fleur de Soleil tracked down unrecognized designers, such as Leonor Mataillet, Dominique Corbasson or Mini Labo, and gave them the chance to express their talent.

    Our Fleur de soleil Shop:

  • Françoise Paviot

    Francoise paviot napkin

    Napkins have gone from being necessary objects to real decorative items. The Françoise Paviot collection is a collection of non-woven napkins that can be adapted to all styles thanks to a wide selection of colours and patterns. In cocktail napkin or table napkin format, offer your guests a unique experience: a disposable table linen, but with a fabric look. Indeed, the particularity of these products is that they are disposable napkins with a fabric look. Made in France, the Françoise Paviot disposable napkins will seduce you as well by their quality as by their resistance and their originality.

    Françoise Paviot non-woven napkins: a quality table linen 100% made in France

    Françoise Paviot succeeded in a unique marriage: the quality of manufacture and the originality of the design. Because the Françoise Paviot napkin is indeed a very high quality paper napkin, resistant and with a fabric look. But it is also an original, design and elegant napkin which wakes up a table and creates a personalized table decoration.

    Adopt Françoise Paviot napkins for their quality and their French manufacture
    Françoise Paviot napkins are unique products, designed and made in France. Forget the paper napkins which tear and avoid the fabric napkins which must be washed and ironed: here are Françoise Paviot non-woven napkins. Indeed, Françoise Paviot towels are paper towels with a fabric look. They are tear-proof and very resistant. They also have a real fabric feel to the touch.
    Françoise Paviot is a French brand specialising in tableware and high-end non-woven fabrics with a fabric effect. The design of each model of fabric-effect paper napkins is made in France, south-east of Lyon, in Corbas to be precise. The Françoise Paviot napkin manufacturing workshop is also located in Corbas. To adopt Françoise Paviot towels is to choose French quality.

    Our Francoise Paviot shop:

  • Fraumaier

    Luminire Fraumaier

    écrire icFounded in 2004, frauMaier is a contemporary lighting brand from Esslingen in southern Germany. The creations of Felix Severin Mack, its director and designer, are functional, accessible, inventive and colourful. Their sole purpose is to highlight interior design and elegantly illuminate rooms. They are made in Europe with manual finishes, promises of high quality and a concern for the preservation of know-how.

    Whether floor lamps, pendant lamps or table lamps, the collections come in many shapes and colours, but the chic design of frauMaier is always embodied in its clear, uncluttered lines. It is also represented by the friendly frauMaier dog, who has become an emblematic character of the brand. He thus symbolizes the fun, offbeat, spirited and daring part of the young German publishing house. He is even found on all the products!

  • Gangzaï Design

    Gangzai DesignIn the field of modern art, the French brand Gangzai stands out thanks to its surprising and dreamlike creations. The Gangzai collections are unique and known throughout the world. It is a clever mix of 19th century design and contemporary spirit that has given birth to a work that is unequalled today.
    The original pieces follow one another throughout the collections: Arti Collection, Safari Collection, Curiosito Collection, Onirik Collection, etc. So, Torotoucan, Rosie or Dinetto tray, square pocket tray, or Tiger Flower coasters, we invite you to discover the enchanting world of Gangzaï.  

    The French brand Gangzaï reinvents interior decoration

    A product created by the Gangzaï brand is an offbeat product that makes an impression. It brings a surreal and original touch to interior decoration.

    Our Gangzaï shop:

  • Harto

    Creativity is at the heart of Hartô, a French publisher of furniture and decorative objects. This endearing brand has chosen to combine the beautiful with the useful by offering products made with talented designers. Hartô offers a wide range of design products, from furniture (sideboards, armchairs, shelves, desks and coffee tables) to decorative objects (coat hooks, mirrors), including table lamps and modern, colourful graphic rugs. All the collections on offer are the result of rigorous work by passionate local designers and craftsmen.

    Hartô, French designer furniture and decorative objects

    Since its creation in 2012, Hartô has surrounded itself with designers who imagine and design collections dedicated to interior spaces. A bold, elegant style characterises the products of this publishing house, which honours its creative flair. Hartô furniture and objects embellish interiors while emphasising functionality and cleverness. The different collections work and play with materials and colours, to offer a joyful and highly design decoration. Hartô is always driven by the desire to see spaces as an art of living, so that you can feel good at home. Another of the brand's strong commitments is to the quality of all its products, which are made by local craftsmen using noble, sustainable materials.

    A trendy, designer world of furniture and living objects

    Hartô's main aim is to instil beauty into everyday life, in search of balance and harmony. The designs come in a variety of styles to suit different interiors: contemporary, classic, retro or industrial. Discover the work done on the lines - often curved and pure - the graphics and the materials blending together for a decoration that gives meaning and the desire to arrange one's interior. Hartô combines design with practicality, creating furniture that will be enjoyed every day for a long time to come. Take a look at our range of sideboards, armchairs, shelves and desks. The high-quality materials used, such as wood, metal, brass and leather, blend beautifully with the associated light tones.

    Furniture with a strong identity, functional and warm

    Spotlight on desks and secretaries, which often combine light wood and Nordic-inspired tones to create a warm, cosy atmosphere. A host of clever storage features, including drawers, compartments and shelves, are incorporated to make the furniture ingenious, often compact and ideal for small spaces. Each piece of furniture has its own unique identity, thanks to the intricate and exquisite woodwork. Hartô furniture and objects feature clean lines, curves and round shapes that are a pleasure to live with. Fall in love with this functional and decorative world of cheerful, colourful design, emblematic of this bold, creative publishing house of excellence.

    Our Harto shop:

  • Helado Design

    Helado Design

    Starting from a passion, the creator Myriam Blasco founded the company Helado Design in 2019 in the Toulouse region. In search of ecological and design furniture and decorative objects, a know-how mixes with an incomparable quality to create Helado Design.

    Helado Design, a passionate French company

    Designer and creator of Helado Design, Myriam Blasco has succeeded in making her passion her life! After many years of being interested in art, she started her own business and founded Helado Design. From an idea of local and environmentally friendly design products, the founder creates trendy and modern furniture and decorative objects.

    In order to promise a guarantee of quality, all the products signed Helado Design are first thought by the creator and then manufactured in France from high quality materials. Thanks to local production and the choice of suppliers recognised for their know-how, the French brand guarantees beautiful, high-quality products.

    Helado Design offers colourful, quality products that are both simple and contemporary.

    A brand committed to the environment

    In an ecological approach, Helado Design takes care to follow its charter of commitments to the letter. The manufacturing methods put in place by the French brand ensure compliance with environmental standards. From design to shipping, Helado Design leaves no detail to chance!

    Made in France from recyclable materials and eco-responsible powder paint, each product follows an environmental approach. The packaging is not left out and follows an ecological packaging. The recyclable steel used in the manufacturing process allows for both indoor and outdoor use of furniture or decorative objects. For pieces that stand the test of time, Helado Design is your ally!

    Our Helado Design Shop:

  • Ichendorf

    IchendorfIchendorf Milano has combined innovation with tradition to create poetic and design-oriented borosilicate glass objects. From the Animal Farm collection, created in collaboration with Alessandra Baldereschi, to the Fish carafes and the glass candleholders, each creation is an invitation to dream and poetry.
    The Ichendorf collection is made up of pieces that enhance an interior decoration or add a touch of magic to a festive table. From festive to everyday objects, we invite you to discover the captivating and marvellous universe of the Italian brand Ichendorf Milano.

    Ichendorf Milano, an Italian brand that reinvents tableware

    Pitcher, bottle, glass, Christmas decoration, candle holder or bowl, Ichendorf Milano innovates by proposing everyday objects that are as design as they are resistant and as poetic as they are unique.

    Our Ichendorf shop:

  • Isol Barcelona

    Isol barcelona

    Isol Barcelona is the signature of a brand that has become part of the world of decoration through its know-how and its inimitable and atypical style: unique pieces that combine tradition, durability and design.

    The Spanish brand pays particular attention to every detail to transport you to its universe where each object has its own history. A world where creativity is intimately linked to inspiration and sometimes a few words, images, colours are enough to stimulate it.

    Pure Deco offers you the opportunity to awaken your inner artist through a selection of designer kitchen decoration objects from the Isol Barcelona collection.

    Our Isol Barcelona shop:

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