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The wall lamp, beyond its primary function as a lamp, has become a real decorative object in a living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway or bedroom. This is especially true when the designer wall lamp is made of materials that bring a modern, vintage or Scandinavian style to an interior. The original wall lamp is a lamp that offers many lighting possibilities, that diffuses a subdued light or creates a warm atmosphere. Whether it's a living room wall or a bedroom wall, the designer wall lamp even has surprises in store for you with options you won't want to miss. We highlight wall lights to help you choose quality products at the best price.

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An original wall lamp for every room in the house

Different rooms in the house have different functions. If it is preferable to have a bright light in a bathroom, a subdued light is perfect for a living room. Whether it's a ceiling light, a spotlight or a wall light, it's important to choose the right lamps for the room and the desired lighting. To meet all your needs, but also to satisfy your decorating desires, we suggest you discover a unique collection of design wall lamps.

Wall lights for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest in the house, but also a privileged place for reading. While it is common to install a ceiling light in a bedroom, all bedrooms also have bedside lamps. Why choose wall lamps as bedside lamps? A wall lamp is ideal for a bedroom because it can be fixed at the desired height. Depending on the model, it is not necessary to have a built-in electrical outlet. In fact, many products have cords to connect the designer wall lamp to the socket. This cord can be transparent, black, red, white or even fabric. Finally, there are wall sconces that also serve as bedside tables.  

Advantages of the wall lamp in the living room

When the sun goes down, the lights illuminate the interior of the house. In the living room, a soft and warm atmosphere is often preferred. This requires a suitable light source. As wall lamps are not the only light source in the living room, you can choose products that match your decorating style:

  •     Vintage wall lamp.
  •     Scandinavian wall lamp.
  •     Modern wall lamp.
  •     Original wall lamp.
  •     Industrial wall lamp.
  •     Etc.

Vintage, modern, Scandinavian or rustic, you will find a wide variety of wall lights in stock for the living room wall or the hallway wall. The cord connecting the light to the socket is also a new decorative touch. It is therefore available in different lengths, but also in different colours such as black, white, transparent, red, etc.
Kitchen and bathroom lighting

The kitchen and the bathroom are two rooms in the house that require sufficient lighting. This is why the wall light with LED bulb is preferred on the bathroom wall or the kitchen wall. Very easy to install, the LED wall lamp or wall spotlight is adjustable so you can choose the direction of the light. White, black or red, these lamps allow you to bring fantasy and originality to your wall while ensuring optimal lighting thanks to the LED bulb.

The design of the original wall light

You will not find one original wall lamp, but many original wall lamps. Modern, vintage or chic, the lamp gives charm to the interior wall.

Wood, glass or aluminium for a stylish display

The material of manufacture determines the style of the original wall lamp. Here is a list of the different materials used for the manufacture of designer wall lamps:

  •     The hand-blown glass wall lamp is a unique product for a chic and elegant interior.
  •     The wall lamp in natural wood is a perfect match for a Scandinavian decor.
  •     The black aluminium or metal wall sconce is ideal for a vintage decor.
  •     Wall sconces in steel, copper or brass go well with an industrial decor.
  •     The porcelain wall lamp decorates a wall with soft colours.

Finally, other lamp models mix materials with a fabric cord or a wooden support to connect the luminaire to the socket. You can thus combine the effect of wood and metal to enhance your decor.

Originality and creativity of the lamp

Besides the material, the lamp is also a design. Designers have come up with products for a living room, a children's room, an adult's room, etc. These are lamps that play with patterns and colours to bring an extra touch of originality to the wall. The light then takes the form of a moon, a heart, a sphere, etc. It is an original marriage between materials and shapes. Metal, steel, aluminium, wood and brass give off a different light atmosphere, which is even more so depending on the shape of the lamp.

The clever options of the original wall lamp

We have seen the style of the lamp, the material and the colour of the lamp, but what about the options of the lamps? The original wall lamp is a luminaire that offers a great deal of freedom, whether in terms of light intensity, orientation of the light beam or hanging system.

The remote or articulated arm of the wall lamp

This is a first option that can be very useful to direct the light according to your needs. The luminaire can thus illuminate the sofa more precisely while you are reading, the ceiling or the corner of a wall for a more diffused light.
The tilt and turn shade

Like the articulated arm, the tilting shade is another option available from stock at a low price. If you don't want a large wall lamp with a swivel arm, you can still direct the light with the tilting shade.

The position of the switch on the luminaire

Some wall lights require a wall outlet, others have a fabric design cord or an adjustable cord. Depending on your choice, the switch will be positioned :

  •     On the cord of the luminaire.
  •     On the metal or steel housing.
  •     On the lampshade, also known as the reflector.

The support bracket for an original lamp

When your wall lamp is delivered, depending on the product you choose, you will receive an LED bulb in the same package. But you also have the possibility to receive, at the delivery address of your choice, a bracket for wall lamp. The bracket highlights a filament bulb and thus creates a modern design light. The bulb is no longer a hidden detail under the shade. On the contrary, it is magnified by this original wall installation.

Choose a wall lamp to match your decor from our large stock available at low prices. Black or white light, steel or wood wall lamp, corded or remote arm, all products are carefully packed to guarantee a fast delivery.

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