The sofa throw is an envelope of softness and happiness that we find with pleasure during winter evenings. Plain fleece blanket, imitation fur blanket or cotton blanket, grey sofa blanket, fringed sofa blanket or large sofa blanket, there is a whole collection of products that will warm up your evenings with friends or your moments of reading on the sofa. Discover which warm throw to choose for your sofa according to its material, its colours and your interior decoration.

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The sofa throw, a warm product for a decorative interior

The sofa blanket is an extremely soft product that invites you to cocoon and relax. It accompanies you throughout your evenings and winter nights, offering you undeniable comfort and warmth.

In addition to providing you with this feeling of softness and warmth, the sofa blanket is also a strong element in the decoration of your home. Indeed, because of the variety of materials, finishes and colours, you can choose a throw that brings an extra decorative touch to your home with a floral or geometric print. You'll appreciate the detail in the manufacture of this quality product and the way the colours look in your room, from a plain grey sofa throw to a warm plaid with polka dot patterns.

The sofa throw is a product available from stock in different sizes to suit all your needs. The large size throws can be used as a bedspread, while the small size throws can be used as a decorative element on an armchair. Finally, the large sofa throw allows two of you to curl up together for warm evenings in front of the television, for example. This large throw is large enough to cover the entire width of a double bed. Your best friend on the sofa will also be your confidant and your favourite source of warmth in the bedroom, ensuring beautiful winter nights in unequalled comfort.

The choice of material for a sofa throw

What is the difference between a fleece throw and a flannel throw? Is a microfibre sofa throw warmer than a polyester sofa throw? Let's find out about all the materials that give sofa throws their softness, warmth and inimitability.

  •   -  The polyester microfibre sofa throw. The polyester microfibre throw is a very soft, light and breathable product available in stock.
  •   - The flannel sofa throw. Flannel is a brushed cotton that gives a felted feel as well as a very soft feel. It also has the advantage of not being cold to the touch, which is a great feature for a fleece blanket.
  •   -  Choose cotton and dyed woven cotton for your fleece blanket. Painted woven cotton guarantees excellent colour fastness. This is due to the fact that the cotton threads are dyed before weaving.
  •  - Fleece plaid in imitation fur. Imitation fur plaid is a product that evokes snow, mountains and cosy evenings by the fire. The imitation fur provides an unmistakably soft feeling.
  •  -  Wool as a natural material for the fleece blanket. Finally, choose an authentic material for your fleece blanket: wool. The fleece blankets are handcrafted from quality wool, which you will appreciate for its softness.

Whether cotton, polyester or wool, all plaids are available in various sizes and offer excellent value for money.

How to choose the colours and patterns of your sofa throw?

To choose the colours and patterns of your sofa throw, you can base your choice on your taste and the interior design of your home. There is a huge range of plaids in different colours and sizes.

Fleece blanket colours and patterns

Plaids are available in warm colours, patterns and original prints. For the colours, you can choose between :

  •     A plain plaid: white, beige, black, red, pink, grey, green, blue, etc.
  •     A plaid with two colours: white and pink, beige and black, red and pink, etc.
  •     A plaid with more than two colours. These plaids play on geometric shapes or patterns.

As far as the patterns of sofa throws are concerned, far from being details, they create a particular atmosphere in your home. An animal print or a floral print will not give the same look to your sofa, bed or armchair.

The sofa throw with fringed finish

Available in various colours, the fringed sofa throw brings a special touch to an interior. With an ethnic pattern in white and black or an ethnic pattern in a beige gradient, the sofa throw is more than just a blanket. It is an important element in the decoration of your living room or bedroom. The fleece blanket with colourful fringes at the ends will give your sofa a bohemian chic look. Similarly, an original print can give a damaged armchair a second life.

All about reversible plaid

The reversible throw is undoubtedly the ideal product for those who hesitate between several colours or patterns. Available in stock and offering great value for money, the reversible sofa rug offers many advantages:

  •     The reversible throw is a sofa throw that you will appreciate the softness of the touch, whether it is the reverse side or the back.
  •     With a single or double layer, the plaid provides warmth on winter evenings.
  •     This sofa blanket makes it easy to change the decoration with a reversal of the product's colours and patterns.
  •     The reversible throw is available in different sizes and can be used as a sofa throw or a bedspread.

Choose the product that suits you and receive it at home within one or two days thanks to a very fast delivery. Because warmth and comfort are essential in winter, you can come to our shop to collect your sofa throw and benefit from free delivery. At Pure Deco, we are also at your disposal to give you our opinion as decoration and design professionals. Product quality, manufacturing details, choice of colours, we will guide you in the choice of your sofa rug so that you find the product that suits you and that you will not be able to do without.

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