Decorative accessories

Decorative objects are as useful as they are aesthetic, which is why they can be found in every room of the house. As wall decorations, on a bedside table or at the entrance to the house, decorative accessories charm with their style and diversity. Colours, functions, materials, dimensions, discover the hidden assets of the design object.

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A design object for every room in the house

Decorative objects serve to reveal and awaken the general decoration of a room. Whether in the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom, the decorative object is the little extra that catches the eye and personalizes an interior.

Decorative objects in the kitchen

The kitchen is the central element of a house and is a lively place where people like to find a friendly and functional atmosphere. For example, the natural wood wall clock adds an original touch of decoration to the kitchen wall. For your herbs, choose a designer pot holder that will fit perfectly on a wall shelf or on your work surface. Concrete pot or stoneware pot, bring fantasy and style to your kitchen with one of these decorative objects.   

Decorative objects for the living room and dining room

Decorative accessories are products that enhance a living room. For example, the photo board becomes a personalised wall decoration with photos of your favourite trips. You can also place a beautiful designer photo frame on a side table or on one of the shelves in the bookcase. Since plants and flowers have made your home their second home, showcase them in designer vases made of blown glass or brass metal. The decorative flower pot, black, grey or red, is also an original decoration for your centrepiece. Finally, choose modern and trendy colours for the decorative accessories such as cushions and sofa throws and bring style to your interior by choosing a decorative rug as an original design object.

Choose an original design object for the office

Thanks to design objects, you will want to be in your office at any time of the day. For example, a natural wood desk organiser sits next to a brown and red storage box, while a metal flower pot sits next to a designer desk lamp. Here's a complementary selection of budget office decor accessories:

    A designer mouse pad.
    A black and red or white and black cable cover box.
    A black, grey or pink metal letter holder.
    A metal notepad with a wooden base.
    And so on.

All of these products are indispensable items in an office, but they are also decorative accessories.

Selection of design objects for the bedroom

Whether it's a child's room, a teenager's room or an adult's room, all rooms come alive with original and trendy decorative objects. An ethnic statue adorns the bedside table, while a wooden jewellery box is placed under the dressing table mirror. The cushions are decorative accessories that you can match with a design plaid or a modern rug, two other design objects.

The most original decorative objects for the home

A square wall mirror, a table lamp with its decorative bulb, a large flower pot, a resin statue, bathroom accessories, the original decorative object invites itself into your home. We suggest you discover our stock of decorative and trendy accessories for the home.

Decorative accessories to personalise a room

Decorative objects are objects that dress up your furniture. The golden metal vase is a poetic note placed on the coffee table in the living room. The rectangle design cushion brings graphics and originality to an armchair or a sofa. Similarly, the ethnic statue or decorative mask on a wooden or metal base adds colour and charisma to your interior and furniture. The entrance to the house also has suitable decorative objects such as the mirror pocket as a wall decoration or the modern and colourful walkway rug.

To personalise every room in the house, choose an original product: the design object. The colour, brown, white or pink, the material, metal, wood or glass, all the details count to find the design object that will amplify the style of your interior.

Selection of decorative and design gifts

If these decorative accessories fit your interior, they are also unique gift ideas. Depending on the character of your loved one, you can offer them an original decorative object for their home:

    A designer cushion to add colour to a child's armchair or chair.
    A pink or red wall frame to brighten up a wall and display photos.
    A metal pot holder to enhance wooden furniture.
    A natural wooden jewellery tree for the bedroom or bathroom.
    A white storage pot from a famous designer brand.
    A wall chart in the shape of a metal world map.
    A glass watering ball in the shape of a pretty transparent ball.
    And so on.

Each product in this selection is offered at the best price and available in stock. For the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room, you are sure to find a quality design object to offer or to give yourself. For each original design object, you will find various information such as its dimensions, delivery time, price, etc. Thanks to these details, it will be easy for you to make your selection and spoil your loved one.

The cushion on a chair, the statue on a coffee table, the vase on a dining table, the picture on a wall or the rug at the foot of a sofa, the decoration object enhances the trendy design furniture.


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