Clocks and pendulums are part of our daily lives. Wall clocks, living room clocks, designer clocks and kitchen clocks are products that have a dual function. On the one hand, the clock tells the time, on the other hand, the clock is a decorative accessory for the interior. In fact, it is one of the few objects in the home that has this characteristic. But how to choose a wall clock and where to install an original wall clock? Here is all the information you need to choose a modern design clock.

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In which room should a designer clock be installed?

The designer wall clock is a clock that adopts very different styles. Thanks to this, you can find a clock for every room in the house: the kitchen, the office, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, etc. As the clock is one of the main wall decoration accessories, you can select your product according to the decoration of your room or the colour of your walls: modern, original, trendy, vintage, etc.

  • In a kitchen, opt for a kitchen wall clock that is practical and aesthetic. For example, glass protects the hands, while the steel frame guarantees high quality at the best price. This is the case with the quartz wall clock in black metal with black numbers and hands.
  • In the living room, the wall clock stands alongside the clock or table clock. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find several clocks in the same living room. You can mix styles with a large designer wall clock and a solid wood clock. The designer wall clock can be mixed in with your stock of accessories or, on the contrary, become a strong element of your interior design.
  • In the children's room, the wall clock can be used as a desk or bedside clock. For children, opt for clocks with coloured hands and contemporary-style numbers. The numerals can be black or white on a coloured background, while the quartz clock hands can be different colours: red for the large hand, yellow for the small hand and white for the second hand.

Wall clocks add character to a room. For this reason, there is a large stock of clocks: contemporary clocks, vintage clocks, designer quartz clocks, original clocks, custom clocks, etc.

How to choose a designer wall clock?

It is possible to choose different clocks for different rooms in the house, but there are other criteria to take into account when buying a designer clock: the material, the colours and the price.

The material of the wall clock

The material of the designer clock gives the product a particular style. A wooden wall clock and a steel clock do not have the same decorative effect on a wall. Similarly, gold hands on a black background and metal hands on a white background change the style of the wall clock.

The material of the frame, the material of the hands and the material of the clock itself are therefore important elements when choosing your product.

The size of the wall clock

Whether it is a large wall clock or a small table clock, the dimensions of the clocks are another point to consider. The size and height of the wall clock will tell you where to place your product. A large designer wall clock will fit on a large wall in a living room, while a smaller clock will fit on a smaller surface, such as a kitchen or bathroom wall.

Finally, to optimise your interior design, avoid placing a small wall clock on a large, blank wall. On a large, undecorated wall, opt for a large designer wall clock that will bring a modern and trendy effect to your decor.

Choose your wall clock according to the colour of your wall

To highlight your designer wall clock, choose your model according to the colour of your wall. A white wall, a red wall or a wall covered with a patterned wallpaper will not allow the same legibility of your wall decoration. To appreciate the movement of your clock's hands, choose coloured hands on a white wall or larger hands on a dark wall.

Mechanical clock or quartz clock?

In the great history of clocks and clocks, a small revolution should be noted: the arrival of quartz clocks. These clocks have replaced mechanical clocks. Quartz clocks work with a pendulum movement for large hands, small hands, etc. In contrast to the mechanical clock, whose mechanism is often visible, the quartz pendulum movement is located at the back of the clock and remains hidden from view.

All about the table clock

The table clock is available in various colours and materials and can be installed in a living room, kitchen or bedroom. You will find a wooden or metal table clock, a gold or vintage design clock in stock. The designer clocks are placed on the tables in the house: the bedside table or the kitchen table.

The table clock is a clock that can be moved and adapted to your needs. In the kitchen and shower room, you can choose a modern and original table clock, but we advise you to choose a resistant and functional product. The quartz desk clock with coloured hands and numbers on a white background is a contemporary model for a kitchen.

Coffee tables, dining tables and bedside tables can be fitted with quartz wall clocks to add a decorative touch to a room, while retaining their primary function: telling the time.

Where to buy a designer wall clock?

Pure Deco is a specialist in design and offers you wall clocks and designer table clocks for your interior decoration, but also for your gift ideas. Indeed, the clocks are ideas of gifts at low prices that you can discover in our shop or directly on our online website. In this case, you will benefit from a fast delivery within one to two days to the address of your choice. Order your gifts with complete peace of mind: we take care of everything and methodically pack each quartz wall clock for safe delivery.

Complete your interior decoration with a list of modern products such as the natural wood table clock, the metal design clock or the original children's clock. Even if on holiday you tend to forget the time, in everyday life it is indispensable. The wall clock is the ideal product and available at a low price as well as an original decoration object for the interior.

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