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The porcelain candle jar and the design candle jar are not only everyday objects, but also works of art. On a festive table, for a Christmas decoration, in an office or in a living room, the design candle jar spreads its soft luminous atmosphere to make young and old dream.

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Which design candle jar should you choose for your decoration?

Metal or silver candle holders, transparent or black candle holders, these decoration accessories are available in colours, designs, shapes and materials that are as surprising as they are enchanting.
A complete range of trendy candle holders for your home decoration

We have selected for you a complete range of design candle holders so that you can find the product that will suit your interior and that will make you vibrate. Because the power of the candle jar, candle holder, lantern or candle is just that: to touch our heart with poetry and softness and to illuminate our daily life with happiness.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of quality products that will delight your senses:

- white porcelain and brass candle holder ;

- candlestick in white, silver, red, leather or metal;

- portable lantern for lighting the garden;

- glass candle holder or glass candle holder;

- paper candle holder in the form of a bag;

- set of openwork porcelain candlesticks:

- etc.

For a candle jar, the choice of material is essential, because it is the materials that will enhance the candles. Hidden behind porcelain or visible in a glass case, coloured candles have a different appearance.

Depending on the size of the candle holder you choose, you can also vary the diameter and height of your candle set. The size of the candles should be selected according to the height and diameter of the candle jar or lantern.
Light up every room in the house and every moment of life with a designer candle jar

Candle holders are real works of art that can be found in different rooms of the house all year round. Photophores, candleholders, lanterns and candles are all decorative objects that have no season to shine.

On dining tables, but also on a coffee table, the candle is a decorative product as well as a useful product. For example, tea lights with cardboard wicks, available in stock in white, blue, green, pink, black or on a transparent base, are used to bring a touch of light to the table. The tealight is also used to glow and reveal all the details of the manufacture of a design candle jar. In his workshop, the art designer has created designs and shapes that come to life in the light of a candle.

As a decorative element in the interior of a house, the candle jar awakens furniture, wall decorations, sculptures, flower pots, vases and other fashionable objects. It is the luminous flame of the candle jar or candle holder that dances on these decorative objects and really brings them to life with original and natural light effects.

Finally, the design candle holder, made of glass, porcelain or metal, is a product that accompanies you in the garden or on the terrace. Curled up in an armchair or at the table with friends in the garden, you will be charmed by the soft glow that emanates from your candle holders, lanterns and candle holders.
Materials used to create original and poetic design candle holders

Glass, porcelain, brass, but also paper, each material gives the design candleholder a particular aspect. The glass candle holder shows the flickering flame, while the porcelain candle holder gives off softness and poetry. The paper candle holder is often used for a guinguette style decoration, while the wooden candle holder is perfectly suited to the Scandinavian style.

The designers of photophores have imagined original works of art at low prices to dazzle and amaze you. From a pure white to a more vivid colour, from the transparency of glass to the natural look of wood, you will be seduced by our collection of design candle holders.

In our online shop, you will find a lot of information for each model of candle holder, candle holder and candle, such as delivery time, price, availability in stock, etc. We offer fast delivery in France and all over the world. Of course, if you come and buy your design candle holder or your porcelain candle holder in our shop in town, you will be able to hold all these decoration accessories in your hands and you will benefit from free delivery.
Porcelain to enhance the design candle holder

Porcelain is a material that arouses emotion and gives the candle jar another dimension. In a contemporary decoration, the porcelain candle jar lights up the beauty of your everyday life with a new flame.
The design candle jar in a set or individually to satisfy all your decorating desires

Depending on the style of your interior and your decorative desires, you can choose a porcelain candle jar alone or a set of several candle jars. This set of candle holders can be made up of products from the same collection or of various products. The set of candle holders can also be grouped together on a coffee table, a dining table, a desk or it can be scattered in the garden or in the living room.

Some of the leading brands in the decoration industry have designed their products in the form of sets. For example, the Räder brand offers sets of photophores: a set of porcelain and brass photophores, a set of openwork porcelain photophores in ivory, etc. Other designers have chosen to make a large glass candle holder that can hold several candles. This product gives the possibility to vary the colour, diameter and height of each candle to bring even more originality to the candle jar.

The candle holder sets give off such a brightness in an interior that they can replace a lamp. In fact, you can try this out in your home: light the candles in your candle holders and turn off your lamp. The atmosphere will change immediately and become soft, bright and modern.

Creating a Christmas atmosphere with a designer candle jar

If there is one time of year when candles make our eyes sparkle with happiness, it is Christmas. So, to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home, choose porcelain candle holders in the shape of Christmas trees or small mountain houses.

Similarly, for your table decoration, choose candles that match the colour of your tablecloth, plates, napkins, etc. In our online shop, you will find a wide range of candles in stock that will fit in your Christmas candle holder.

On the mantelpiece, next to a candlestick, candlesticks and other lanterns, place porcelain, ceramic or wooden candle holders to install the precious magic of Christmas in your home.

Porcelain candle holders: a gift idea to give or to give yourself

In the shape of houses, baskets, boxes, candleholders or trees, the porcelain candle holder looks like sculptures or jewellery. The patterns finely chiselled into the porcelain by a craftsman in his workshop give a glimpse of the magical play of light.

If you want to leave magical imprints in your home or to light the flame of happiness in the eyes of your loved ones, think of the porcelain candle jar and the design candle jar for your Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, etc. It can be used without limits in the garden, on a festive table, as a decoration in the living room or in a bedroom.

In short, the design candle jar and the modern porcelain candle jar enhance the decoration of a house with their unique and magical play of light.

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