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Photos are memories of past moments and are also sources of inspiration and escape. In an interior, pictures also contribute to the decoration of a room. To showcase a photo décor, the photo collage is an ideal product. Available in different sizes and colours, photo collages bring memories to life and enliven a home. Here's how to make your home more attractive with a Photo Collage.
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How to choose a photo frame?

Whether you're looking for a magnetic picture frame, a metal picture frame, a magnetic photo frame or wooden clothes pegs, you'll find that photo frames can be adapted to suit all your decorating needs.

Photo collage frame

This is the most common format for a Mix'n'Match photo frame. This quality photo frame is made up of different products:

  •     A large outer frame made of wood, paper, metal, aluminium, etc.
  •     Smaller inner frames made of rubber or magnets.

You can create your own unique design by choosing the size of the photos you want to include in your Mix'n'Match photo frame.

The format of the Mix'n'Match photo frame

Mix'n'match posters come in a variety of original formats, including hearts, houses, numbers, squares, diamonds and world maps. This latest product, the photo pell-mell map, available at a low price, is an opportunity to display memories of your latest travels on the wall. The different countries are made of metal and can be easily attached to the wall. Once you have installed your photo board, you will notice that the fixings are invisible.

Clothesline for an original photo frame

There are several reasons why the clothesline photo display is a great choice for wall decorations. Firstly, this photo poster can be adapted to all interior styles: Scandinavian style, vintage style, elegant style, etc. Secondly, the photos will not be damaged thanks to the high quality fixing system. Thirdly, this original photo collage allows you to easily create a sort of collage of photos of the countryside or a landscape you like.

Photo collage in the office

To personalise your office, you can find some very original ideas for decoration, such as the photo jumble. On a wooden or metal stand, metal rods allow you to hang photos or notes written on paper. The wooden or metal stand also offers a nice pot that you can use as a pencil pot or vase. It's an original, designer photo holder that personalizes your desk and helps you get organized. You will appreciate :

  •     Its practical and useful side with the availability of pens and other pencils.
  •     Its fun and joyful side with the display of your memories in photos.

The benefits of photo displays

When you choose a photo collage, you're choosing a product that's essential to everyday life and a product that creates happiness. The large-format Mix'n'Match photo frame brings emotion to your home and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Mix'n'Match photo frame or wall photo book

Photo books are often stored in a cupboard or on a shelf, while holiday photos are stored in a pretty box. As time goes by, you lose the habit of leafing through the photo book. That's when the photo jumble comes into play and offers a wall-mounted photo book. Every day, you can find holiday memories and your favourite images on a beautiful canvas framed in metal or wood. There's no need to open a photo book, just look at your designer wall poster.

A photo collage for every room in the house

Photos can be used to decorate any room, even beyond the traditional paper photo book. Aluminium or metal photo frames, choice of dimensions, everything helps to liven up a particular wall. Whether it's the living room, bedroom, office or kitchen, the photo collage can be used in any room of the house and can take many forms:

  •     The photo collage as a reminder on the kitchen wall.
  •     The design pell-mell as a desk organiser with a pencil cup and memo board.
  •     The photo collage frame as a collage of memories or images in the living room.
  •     The photo collage canvas as a child's portrait in a bedroom.
  •     And so on.

The evolving nature of a photo patchwork quilt

Finally, one of the other advantages of a photo collage is priceless: photo albums can be used to decorate any room. You can change the photos and images according to your desires, your guests, the season, etc. A country landscape, a child's portrait, animal pictures, a colour collage, black and white photos: the possibilities are endless on your photo collage display.

How can you personalise your home with a photo display?

If you want to personalise your home with a wall decoration, you've opted for a photo collage. To help you make the right choice, here are our opinions on these original and stylish posters.

Choosing a photo frame

To start with, choose a photo frame that fits your interior. This way, you won't have to buy a small picture frame if you have a very large white wall with no decoration.

Next, you'll need to study the different sizes of the models to select the photo collage that best suits your decorating style.

Finally, refine your selection with materials and colours:

  •     White photo collage.
  •     Black photo collage.
  •     Magnetic photo collages.
  •     Metal photo collages.
  •     Wooden photo frame
  •     Metal photo frame.
  •     Metal photo frame.

These elements are important when choosing your wall hanging. A country photo collage is a wooden or white product, while a children's photo collage is a colourful product.

Printing the photos and installing the photo display

Once you've selected the format and size of your photo display, it's time to select the photos. When your photo frame is delivered, you'll receive presentation images, in colour or black and white, depending on the model. You can keep them in your photo collage frame or replace them with your own photos. Printing the photos will only take a few minutes if you have a printer. If not, you can use an online photo printing service.

Finally, all you have to do is put your images or photos in your photo display. If the desktop photo holder is a direct fit, you'll need to mount the photo frame on the wall of your choice. The fixing system is supplied with the product to make this step easier. It only takes a few minutes to attach your personalised photo frame to the wall.

In conclusion, the photo collage is a product available at a low price, with fast delivery, which allows you to easily personalise your decoration with souvenirs or atmospheric images. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, formats, colours and materials to make your photo collage a major decorative feature.

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