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Installing a LED string light to illuminate your evenings is to decorate your garden or interior by creating an atmosphere that will be personal to you. Here you will find LED light decorations for indoor and outdoor use and always very decorative. Original LED garlands to create a beautiful lighting atmosphere. Also consider placing a battery-powered LED garland for Christmas table decoration in a bedroom, fireplace or vase. The atmosphere of the room is immediately subdued and peaceful, a guaranteed effect!
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A battery-operated string light for every occasion

As mood lighting in the living room, as Christmas lighting or as a nightlight in a child's room, but also as accent lighting on the terrace or as decorative lighting in the garden, the battery-operated LED string light will never cease to amaze you.   

Illuminate your warm summer evenings with a battery-operated string light

On the terrace or in the garden, you can light up the stars in your eyes and in those of your loved ones thanks to the outdoor LED string light. In a ginguette, poetic, fairy-tale or modern style, deploy your battery-operated light garland easily. Special parasol light garland, LED garland to place in a tree or shrub or battery light garland to decorate a flower pot or coffee table, you will have a choice of models to extend your beautiful evenings outside.

You can also choose colours to brighten up your garden or terrace: a transparent, green or red cable, a white, silver or gold wire, etc. All these products are available for fast delivery or free delivery with collection in shop. You will be able to imagine original and affordable light effects in a tree, on a pergola or near your garden furniture thanks to this mobile LED lighting.

Create a luminous decoration in a house thanks to the battery-operated light garland

The battery-operated LED string light is not only a decorative object, but also an object that gives a soul to a room. Indeed, its warm white light spreads a warm, soothing and welcoming atmosphere. So, in an entrance hall, a child's bedroom, an office, but also a living room or a dining room, choose softness and simplicity with the battery-operated LED string light.

With its original shapes and flexible cord of two, three or four metres, it becomes a night light in a child's room or in an office. It can also be used as a real accent light in an entrance hall or a dining room. Finally, placed in the centre of the table, the LED bulbs of the battery-operated garland captivate the eyes of your guests and enhance your meals.

Make your home sparkle with happiness at Christmas time with the LED garland light

The magic of the festive season is written in lights with original shapes and colours. For this reason, at Christmas time, you can easily install at home :

  • a battery-operated light garland in the shape of a twinkling star;
  • a star light with 40 LEDs or 80 LEDs;
  • a flexible LED string light to create a magical table centrepiece or a magical Christmas ball;
  • a battery-operated LED string light to spell out "Happy Holidays";
  • a LED string light to replace the traditional garlands and baubles on the Christmas tree;
  • etc.

Christmas is awakening and revealing itself thanks to a personalised decoration that you can create by choosing a battery-operated light garland offering very good value for money.

Weddings are another choice celebration for which light shows are essential. Metres of multicoloured LEDs seem to dance and show the happiness of the newlyweds. Battery-operated lights in the shape of hearts or stars decorate the reception hall where the party will last all night. In copper or metal, silver or gold, the power cable is discreet and only shows its beautiful LED lights on the wedding day.

Find the LED light garland that will enhance your decoration

The play of light is adorned with colours, materials and original shapes to meet all your decorative needs. In copper or metal, red, white or pink, silver or gold, vertical, horizontal or flexible, choose the battery-operated string light that suits you.

Play with the material of the battery-operated string light

To match your interior or exterior decoration, the battery-operated string light is available in different materials. You can choose the product that best suits the atmosphere you want to create. For example, you will find in stock :

  • a battery-operated garland light in pink, red, white, green, etc. ;
  • a white sandblasted glass string light;
  • a LED string light with Plexiglas letters;
  • etc.

The sandblasted glass LED garland is an art object in its own right that will find its place in an office or a living room. The paper garland will decorate a child's room or will be ideal for an original decoration of a wedding hall.
Focus on the design and shape of battery-operated LED string lights

So that you can personalise your wedding decoration, your Christmas tree, your terrace or the interior of your house, LED string lights come in original shapes:

  • Garland lights made of real bulbs with a transparent wire or multicoloured bulbs;
  • Garlands with LEDs mounted on a flexible cable so that you can create special shapes;
  • metal or steel structures covered with LED wire to make a heart or star appear;
  • and so on.

You can also choose a vertical LED light garland. Design and original, it dresses with elegance the corner of an entrance or a living room.

Testing the accessories of the battery-operated LED string light

The accessories for the battery-operated LED string light are products available in stock at the best price. Your decorative light is not just a battery-operated decorative light. You can have a solar-powered string light delivered to your home in no time. It works with a battery and a small solar panel, allowing you to enjoy long hours of lighting. In addition, the battery is rechargeable and replaceable, which further extends the lighting time of your solar LED light.

Other accessories available from stock include the battery-operated string light with remote control or the LED string light with timer. Both systems offer you the possibility to control and program your indoor or outdoor lighting. It is ideal as a night light in a child's room or as a lamp for a romantic evening. With the remote control of the LED string light, you can remotely control the light show in a tree or above the sofa. The battery-operated and LED string lights give off their soft light according to your needs and desires. As for the power cable, it offers sufficient length for your indoor or outdoor lighting, as you can choose the number of metres of your LED string light.

In conclusion, the battery-operated LED string light is an original decorative product for everyday use, but also for festive days such as Christmas or weddings. Simple and elegant at the same time, it is one of the products offered at a low price and with fast or free delivery that you will not be able to do without.

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  • Kiki Light Garland Sirius
    37,42 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Illuminate your spaces with the beautiful Kiki garland from Sirius. Its close-coupled LEDs offer an original and unique look to this indoor garland light.

    37,42 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Battery operated stars light strings
    13,25 € In stock, ships in 24h

    Discover an original light string with little stars and Battery operated. Available in 2 versions : 20 leds without timer ou 40 leds with timer.

    13,25 €
    In stock, ships in 24h
  • Knirke Outdoor Light Garland Sirius
    22,42 € Out of stock

    Illuminate your exterior with a soft, warm light with the Knirke light garland from Sirius. In a garden or on a terrace, let your imagination do the talking when decorating your outdoors.

    22,42 €
    Out of stock
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  • Knirke Solar Light Garland Sirius
    26,67 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    The Danish brand Sirius illuminates your outdoor area with the Knirke solar string light. Enjoy approximately 8 hours of light by recharging this beautiful garland in direct sunlight

    26,67 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Guinguette Light Garland Sirius
    44,17 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Indoors or outdoors, the Sirius Guinguette light garland adds an industrial touch. With its soft white or coloured light, this garland creates a magical atmosphere in your home.

    44,17 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Télécommande universelle Sirius
    9,92 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Simplify your life with the Sirius universal remote control!

    9,92 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • AAA or AAA batteries
    3,75 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Box of 6 Alkaline AAA or AA batteries 1.5V.

    3,75 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Fairy light for christmas
    13,29 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Garland light "Bonnes fêtes" to decorate your home for Christmas

    13,29 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Fairy lights Merry Christmas
    13,29 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Christmas string light with 16 leds Merry Chritmas

    13,29 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Anton Outdoor Garland Sirius
    120,83 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Ideal as a Christmas decoration, Sirius has come up with the Anton large green LED garland, which looks just like the branches of a fir tree. A magical garland with 150 twinkling LEDs to decorate both indoors and outdoors. It's magic at work!

    120,83 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • battery light string 20 leds
    7,42 € Out of stock

    Twinkle your home with the battery light string Knirke. Available in 20 LEDs without timer or 40 LEDs with timer.

    7,42 €
    Out of stock
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  • Cubist garland white by Tsé tsé
    133,33 € 2 weeks

    The famous Cubist Tse-Tse light garland is adorned with white or multicoloured paper cubes.

    133,33 €
    2 weeks
  • Amazing Garland Tsé Tsé
    733,33 € 2 weeks

    We love the Guirlande Estomaquée from Tsé Tsé! You'll be blown away by the originality of this white porcelain corner light.

    733,33 €
    2 weeks
  • Skeletal garland Tsé Tsé
    625,00 € Out of stock

    Skeletal garland Tse Tse with 5 lampshades in glass

    625,00 €
    Out of stock
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  • Knirke Solar Parasol Light Garland Sirius
    23,33 € Out of stock

    Practical and magical, the Knirke umbrella light from Sirius is a real eye-catcher. Original and ecological, this outdoor garland illuminates your summer evenings thanks to solar energy.

    23,33 €
    Out of stock
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  • Lucas Guinguette Solar Light Garland Sirius
    37,92 € Out of stock

    Create a sparkling summer atmosphere on your terrace or decorate a tree with the colourful Lucas garland from Sirius.

    37,92 €
    Out of stock
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  • Guirlande lumineuse solaire guinguette Lucas Sirius
    37,92 € Out of stock

    Enchant your summer evenings with the Lucas light garland created by Sirius. Beautiful white LED bulbs with a warm tone for a successful guinguette atmosphere!

    37,92 €
    Out of stock
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  • Maggie Light Garland Sirius
    20,75 € Out of stock

    Add a touch of warmth to your home with the Maggie light garland from Sirius. Its diamonds light up and illuminate your rooms to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    20,75 €
    Out of stock
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  • Light Star 40 or 80 LEDs
    22,08 € Out of stock

    For a magical setting for the end of the year celebrations or any other occasion, discover this charming bright star. It is available in gold or white and in 40 battery operated or 80 mains operated LED versions.

    22,08 €
    Out of stock
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  • Light heart 40 or 80 LEDs
    22,08 € Out of stock

    A poetic light, discover the LED light heart. Available in black or white and in version 40 battery LEDs or 80 LEDs to plug.

    22,08 €
    Out of stock
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