The original placemat fulfils two main functions at mealtimes: to protect the table and to decorate it. It is therefore a product that must be of high quality and available in stock with a wide range of colours, materials, shapes and patterns to match all styles of decoration. Rectangular vinyl placemats, round woven placemats, multicoloured washable placemats, or even rigid natural placemats, you will be able to select the set of placemats corresponding to your decoration desires.

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Discover all the advantages of the vinyl placemat

Amongst traditional household linen, the vinyl placemat is an original and trendy product that has four main advantages.

  •            Firstly, whether it is large or small, the vinyl placemat is very easy to care for. It is washable, heat resistant and of very high quality. At the end of the meal, simply wipe the plastic placemat with a damp sponge to clean it. The PVC placemat is also non-slip and available from stock at a low price.
  •            Secondly, because of these characteristics, the vinyl placemat can be used indoors in the kitchen or dining room, but also outdoors in the garden or on the terrace. It accompanies meals in different rooms of the house and is suitable for both children's and adults' meals.
  •            Thirdly, the vinyl placemat is one of the most important decorating accessories, as it is a real eye-catcher at the dining table. Thanks to the variety of colours and patterns, you can create an original table setting in any situation. Matching napkins and tablecloths, it creates a uniform decoration. On the other hand, a vinyl placemat with different colours and patterns from the linen will be more eye-catching. It will be a decorative element in its own right.
  •            Fourthly, because of its many variations, the placemat is one of the products that are very good gift ideas. Given as gifts, the set of placemats is an opportunity to change the appearance of a table and to share a meal with new sensations, new colours, etc.

Materials, colours and shapes: how to choose your original placemat

The original placemat comes in a wide range of designs that you can find in stock at low prices. Depending on the materials, colours and shapes, you can significantly change the look of your dining table.

The materials give the placemat its originality. Whether you choose a placemat made of natural fibre, fabric, plastic or cork, you will bring a different touch of decoration to your table. So, depending on the theme of your festive meal, whether you are eating in the garden or with children in the kitchen, you can opt for different placemats:

  •            the rectangular cotton placemat with original and trendy colours;
  •            the oval jute placemat in white, beige or brown;
  •            the oval paper placemat which allows you to change your table decoration more often;
  •            the washable linen placemat which adds a touch of chic decoration;
  •            the rectangular vinyl placemat with its design motifs;
  •            the original woven rattan placemat for a natural decorative touch;
  •            the rectangular imitation leather placemat in taupe, brown or beige;
  •            etc.

In addition, placemats, sometimes called table mats, come in a variety of original colours. Your placemat will match the colour of your tablecloth, napkins, interior decoration, etc. A red, white and pink placemat with a flower design will not have the same visual impact as a black placemat with beige polka dots or a taupe placemat with a fancy design. So, depending on the type of meal you're hosting, your room decor, the style of your garden or the month of the year, you can choose bespoke items.

When choosing your set of placemats, you will need to decide on the shape. A rectangular placemat, an oval placemat, a set of round placemats, buy the product that will best enhance your table decoration, plates and dishes.

All these pieces are decorative accessories that offer very good value for money. Practical and stylish, the original placemats are available for fast delivery in France and worldwide or for free delivery if you opt for in-store collection.

Create an original table decoration with a rigid placemat

All the elements present on a table contribute to its decoration. Indeed, the art of combining the details of decoration makes it possible to set up large, chic and design tables where children and adults will enjoy eating. The tableware, table runner, dishes and table mats are accessories that must be carefully selected to create an original table decoration.

  •            For a natural effect and to bring warmth to the dining table, the rigid linen placemat, the woven rattan placemat, the jute placemat and the cotton placemat are the best choice. They are available in various colours such as taupe, beige, brown, etc.
  •            If you want to set a chic and elegant table, the rigid placemat can be made of imitation leather, in rectangular, oval or round shapes. Alternatively, you can be seduced by the spaghetti effect placemat available in pink, black, red, beige, grey, green, etc.
  •            For the party table, you can use a rigid multicoloured PVC placemat, a paper placemat with star patterns or placemats made of natural materials such as linen or cotton. For a festive table, the most important thing is to choose original colours, unique patterns and materials that match the household linen.

On the website and in our shop, you will find a list of all the products available in stock with details of colours and patterns, information about delivery times, in Paris, France or any other country. Your design specialist is also at your disposal to give you his opinion on the different models of placemats.

In short, the plastic placemat is a product that is as practical as it is aesthetic. The plastic placemat is practical because it is heat resistant, easy to wash and available in stock at a low price. But the rigid placemat is also an original and attractive placemat. Red, white or black, woven rattan, fabric, linen or woven sea rush, plain or multicoloured, the original placemat brings a touch of fantasy to the dining room or kitchen table.

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