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Halfway between a textile tablecloth and an oilcloth, the coated tablecloth is an ecological and economical product. Rectangular coated tablecloths or round coated tablecloths, it adapts to all table shapes, indoors and outdoors. Made in France and guaranteed free of toxic products, the rectangle tablecloth made from 100% cotton and the round tablecloth with an acrylic coating are available in a range of colours and patterns as original as they are modern. Here are our tips for choosing your coated tablecloth and perfecting your table decoration.

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Why choose a coated tablecloth?

This type of tablecloth differs from waxed cloth in that it has a natural coating and is also easy to maintain. The coated tablecloth is available in many sizes and can be adapted to a rectangular, oval, square or round table, etc. Manufactured in the Vosges, OEKO-TEX certification, dimensions, find out everything you need to know about coated tablecloths.

What are the differences between oilcloth and coated tablecloth?

Coated tablecloths are made of fair trade cotton and coated with three layers of acrylic coating. Coating is a technical process to cover a surface of linen, polyester, cotton, etc. with a material. The fact that the rectangular coated tablecloth is covered with three layers of acrylic coating is a first point of difference compared to oilcloth.

In fact, oilcloth is made from a petroleum derivative: PVC. PVC gives oilcloth a plasticised appearance as well as a shiny look. The coated design tablecloth, on the other hand, is more matt and does not mark the folds.

Unlike PVC, acrylic is a natural material. For this reason, coated tablecloths are OEKO-TEX certified. The OEKO-TEX class 1 certification means that the fabric is safe for children. The environmentally friendly fabric used does not contain PVC or toxic substances such as phthalates. This means that children can eat or play on a coated design tablecloth without any health risks.

In conclusion, the coated tablecloth, whether rectangular or square, is a more ecological and more efficient version of the waxed cloth. It has the original functions of the waxed cloth, anti-stain and waterproof, but it adds an OEKO-TEX certification thanks to its manufacturing process guaranteed without phthalates and PVC.

What are the characteristics of coated tablecloths?

Firstly, the coated cotton tablecloth is environmentally friendly thanks to the OEKO-TEX certification.

Secondly, the coated tablecloth is stain resistant. Stains do not become embedded in a coated cotton tablecloth. On the contrary, stains can be easily removed with a damp sponge. Whether it is a square coated tablecloth or a hemmed round coated tablecloth, no stain can damage it.

In addition, you can find a very large list of products: round coated polyester tablecloths, plain pink coated linen tablecloths, rectangular fair trade cotton tablecloths, etc.

Finally, the coated tablecloth is waterproof. For this reason, you can install it indoors or outdoors. The waterproof coated tablecloth is very practical for eating outdoors, but also on a square table indoors to avoid stains if a glass of water is spilled for example.

Which coated tablecloth should I choose?

Buying a rectangular coated tablecloth is a quality purchase at the best price and an environmentally friendly purchase. When choosing your coated tablecloth, you will have a wide range of products at your disposal.
Rectangular coated tablecloth or round coated tablecloth?

Coated tablecloths are available in different formats: rectangular coated tablecloth, square coated tablecloth, oval coated tablecloth, hemmed round coated tablecloth, etc. The coated cotton fabric is therefore available in sizes to suit all table shapes: round table, square table, rectangle table, etc. To order your waterproof coated cotton tablecloth, simply check the size indicated on the product, which is visible thanks to the mention "Dim" or "Dimensions".

Colours and patterns of coated tablecloths

  • The 100% cotton coated tablecloth is an ecological and stain-resistant object, but also a decorative object. Indeed, the colours and patterns of coated tablecloths are modern, trendy and design, allowing you to have a very high quality household linen.
  • The rectangular coated tablecloth is available in various sizes and colours. If you can't decide whether to order a plain coated tablecloth or a patterned coated tablecloth, take advantage of the low prices and order two coated tablecloths to vary your decoration.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of coated tablecloth colours: red, white, taupe, green, pink, linen, etc. You can easily match your household linen, such as towels, with a plain coated tablecloth. The plain coated tablecloth in aniseed green is a linen that highlights your plates and brings an original touch of colour to the room.
    There are also many different patterns for coated tablecloths. Patterns such as polka dots, geometric patterns, herringbone patterns, mosaics, but also a bird pattern, a leaf pattern or a flower pattern will give your table a special look.

The variety of patterns and colours makes the rectangle and square coated tablecloths important decorative elements in the home.

Buying a coated tablecloth Made in France

The collection of coated tablecloths from the French brand Fleur de Soleil is made in the Vosges. Choosing a coated cotton tablecloth made in the Vosges is your guarantee of receiving a quality product at the best price.

Thanks to these coated tablecloths, you will no longer have to choose between price and quality Made in France. But you will have a decorative and practical choice to make. On the one hand, the practical choice will consist in choosing between a rectangular coated tablecloth or a round hemmed coated tablecloth, depending on the dimensions of your table. On the other hand, the decorative choice will be to buy a plain red or taupe coated tablecloth, a square pink tablecloth with white polka dots or a round coated tablecloth with a spring flower pattern.

The coated tablecloth is available in a variety of sizes: rectangle coated tablecloth, oval coated tablecloth, square coated tablecloth, etc. In addition to this choice of dimensions, the coated tablecloth made in France offers you a large list of models: oval coated tablecloth with white dots, taupe rectangle coated tablecloth, round patterned coated tablecloth, etc. In the manufacturing workshop in the Vosges, colours and patterns are combined to create unique products, guaranteed free of phthalates and PVC. Indeed, the Made in France coated tablecloth is an OEKO-TEX certified tablecloth, a sign of a manufacturing process without harmful products and respectful of the environment.

The waterproof tablecloth, the stain-resistant tablecloth and the coated design tablecloth are in fact one and the same tablecloth available in original and modern colours and patterns.

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