Mirrors have always been used to catch the light and enlarge a room. Nowadays, mirrors are an indispensable and trendy decoration accessory. Indeed, by choosing a design mirror, you are guaranteed to add a soul to your interior while creating a personalized and unique style.

Whether it is an oval mirror, a white lacquered wall mirror or a round wooden mirror, we suggest you discover all the characteristics of the design mirror. This will allow you to choose the ideal design mirror according to your furniture and your style.

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The design wall mirror for a surprising effect

The design wall mirror can be found in every room of the house: the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen or the dining room. Many models have been created to enhance each room.

The different shapes of the design wall mirror

The mirror is no longer just a useful object, it has become a real decorative asset in a room. Various shapes and original materials give it an incomparable style to dress up the walls. Here is a list of the main design mirrors that decorate interior walls:

  •     The round design mirror is a traditional mirror, but small details give it a resolutely modern touch. For example, a golden brass frame or a black rubber frame gives the mirror a radiant power in a living room or bedroom. You can choose your round design mirror from various sizes: the large round mirror to be placed above the sofa or the small round mirror to be placed in an entrance hall.   
  •     The oval design mirror has the particularity of being positioned in both directions. With a wooden frame, it gives a natural style to the room. For the same price, you will be able to change your decoration over the weeks. The sun mirror also comes in an oval shape: for even more originality, you can choose the oval sun mirror in rattan.  
  •     The multiple round mirror is an assembly of round mirrors of different sizes. Its dimensions allow you to hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on your wall. The multiple round mirror reflects many visual details that enlarge the interior space.  
  •     The asymmetrical design mirror is a decorative eye-catcher: it attracts both the eye and the light in a living room or bedroom. Hanging from a thin copper cord, it brings an original perspective to your interior.  
  •     The mirror arrangement is the possibility for you to combine shapes on your white wall. For example, you can mix an oval wall mirror with a round wall mirror and a triangular wall mirror. These products are available from stock with different frames: a gold brass frame or a black metal frame.   
  •     Finally, the round flower-shaped mirror is a unique piece as the petals are also small mirrors. Decoration is a matter of details, the flower-shaped design mirror will enhance your interior decoration thanks to the multitude of small mirrors in this product.

The wall-mounted design mirror with storage space

The wall-mounted design mirror, made of wood or with a black steel frame, can also be useful thanks to original and modern products:

  •     The peg mirror.
  •     The mirror shelf.

The shelf of the wall mirror can be horizontal and positioned above several coat racks. It can also be used to decorate an oval wall mirror in front of which you can place decorative objects.

These two styles of designer mirrors, the peg mirror and the shelf mirror, not only bring light into an entrance hall or bedroom, but also provide an additional decorative option. In the hallway, the peg mirror allows you to hang up your jackets and scarves, but also to take one last look at yourself before you leave the house. In a living room, the wooden mirror shelf is a natural place for a decorative plant whose reflection is enhanced by the glass.

The design mirror to be placed and moved

The free-standing mirror is part of the furniture in a bedroom, bathroom or hallway. It brings a beautiful luminosity in the room, but it also allows to visualize the whole silhouette. It is an ideal accessory to confirm the combination of different accessories in an outfit, for example. In a bedroom, the floor-standing mirror brings a vintage touch to the decor. To optimize your storage and add a natural touch to your decoration, you can choose the multifunction mirror: delicately framed by a black border, the mirror is used daily to look at yourself but also to store your clothes.  

Indeed, behind the large mirror, a wooden ladder allows you to put the clothes of your choice. It is therefore a dual-purpose product that you can buy for the same price.

The table mirror can be placed on a modern piece of furniture in the living room or on a bedside table in the bedroom. Smaller than its big brother the standing mirror, the table mirror is able to catch the eye and reflect the light.

  • Rectangular or oval in shape, it is sometimes fitted with a storage compartment and becomes an original decorative object that you cannot do without at the entrance to the house. The pocket mirror allows you to store a whole range of everyday objects, such as keys.
  • This product can also be used on a dressing table for make-up: you can then use the compartments of different sizes to store lipsticks and other eyeshadows.
  • Other models of tabletop mirrors have a wooden base to make them easier to hold. The mirror can thus be moved around the house, according to your wishes and needs during the different weeks.  

Thanks to this very complete range of table mirrors, from natural mirrors to modern mirrors, the table mirror adapts to your needs to offer you even more comfort.

Order and receive an original design mirror

As we have seen, there is a very large list of designer and trendy mirrors that can be placed on the walls of your home or on various pieces of furniture. Whether it adds a touch of fantasy to a classic decor or is combined with other original accessories, the design mirror marks its uniqueness by its shape.

To help you find the perfect design mirror, we present each product with large photos. You will also find the exact dimensions of the mirrors as well as the frame material: metal frame, wooden frame or brass frame. You have the possibility to discover the products in the shop to appreciate the fineness of the glass cut for example or the quality of the wood used for the shelf mirror.

Each product available in stock can be shipped within 24 hours, so you won't have to wait for weeks for your design mirror to arrive. Finally, because breaking a mirror is bad luck, at Pure Deco, we take the greatest care in the packaging of your design mirror to guarantee a fast delivery without breakage. Whether you wish to receive a large mirror or a wall mirror, you will be sure to receive a product in perfect condition and ready to be integrated in your decoration.

With a wooden shelf for the natural and warm side, with a black metal frame for a vintage effect, in an oval or modern shape, on a stand or free-standing, the design mirror meets your daily needs and your most original decorating desires. Let yourself be enchanted by its bright and surprising reflections which always give more style to an interior.

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  • Sonia Mirror Harto
    232,50 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Embellish your interior with the large Sonia wall mirror with its oval frame. This poetic decorative object is produced by Hartô.

    232,50 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Oval wall mirror Remember
    124,92 € -40% 74,95 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Remember brings a design touch to your spaces with this splendid oval coloured mirror. Combining aesthetics and practicality, this decorative element will charm you.

    124,92 € -40% 74,95 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
    Reduced price!
  • Wood Round Mirror Sunrise Reine Mere
    65,83 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    A decorative mirror, clever and useful, here is the round mirror in wood Sunrise by Reine Mere. With its integrated shelf in solid oak, it has not finished surprising you!

    65,83 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Alva Rainbow Mirror Broste Copenhagen
    387,50 € Out of stock

    The large Alva Rainbow mirror designed by Broste Copenhagen will brighten up your home with its natural oak frame and its original and trendy style.

    387,50 €
    Out of stock
  • Bathroom oval mirror
    165,83 € Out of stock

    Play the XXL card with the design black oval mirror Hub by Umbra. 

    165,83 €
    Out of stock
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  • Caylin Large Mirror Bloomingville
    440,83 € Out of stock

    Decorate your wall with the large Caylin mirror, like a small work of art! Discover the black mango wood frame and the rounded lines of this beautiful and trendy decoration object, created by Bloomingville.

    440,83 €
    Out of stock
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  • Faun Mirror Bloomingville
    56,58 € 2 weeks

    Round and slightly asymmetrical, here is the very original Faun mirror, designed by Bloomingville, to decorate your walls in total freedom!

    56,58 €
    2 weeks
  • Misto Oval Mirror Umbra
    157,50 € 3 weeks

    Discover the superb Misto glass mirror created by the Umbra design brand. Pure and oval in shape, it will personalise your wall with softness and curves.

    157,50 €
    3 weeks
  • Large round mirror Broste Copenhagen
    140,83 € 2 weeks

    A large and decorative mirror composed of 5 round mirrors assembled with black metal frame. A beautiful creation by Broste Copenhagen.

    140,83 €
    2 weeks
  • Round mirror Hub
    195,83 € 2 weeks

    All in contrasts with the black rubber and the transparency of glass, discover the large round mirror Hub by Umbra.

    195,83 €
    2 weeks
  • Hubba Large Round Mirror Umbra
    165,83 € 2 weeks

    Bring a fresh look to your rooms with the Hubba large round mirror by Umbra. This mirror with its pure and elegant design will decorate your walls in the blink of an eye!

    165,83 €
    2 weeks
  • Round mirror for bathroom
    115,83 € 2 weeks

    Play the card of sobriety and elegance with the round wall mirror of the Hub collection by Umbra. A beautiful round mirror decorated with a black rubber frame.

    115,83 €
    2 weeks
  • Hub Leaning Mirror Umbra
    179,17 € 2 weeks

    In a bathroom, bedroom or living room, the Hub Leaning long mirror from Umbra will find its place. Its simple and modern design brings a design touch to your decoration in an flash.

    179,17 €
    2 weeks
  • Wooden oval mirror Reine Mère
    93,75 € 2 weeks

    Practical and clever, the Solstice Reine Mère oval mirror incorporates an oak shelf to offer you more features.

    93,75 €
    2 weeks
  • wooden Shelf Moonlight Reine Mere
    77,08 € 2 weeks

    In the entrance as a tidy, in the bedroom as an extra storage or in the bathroom, Moonlight wooden mirror shelf by Reine Mere did not stop amazing you!

    77,08 €
    2 weeks
  • Mirror and tidy Kagami Reine Mère
    51,67 € 2 weeks

    Great idea : mirror made of solid beech with a tidy for keys or make-up !

    51,67 €
    2 weeks
  • Asymmetric mirror
    283,33 € 3 weeks

    A beautiful asymmetric mirror in wood to hang as you like, discover the design mirror Ego. Available in oiled oak or blackstained oak frame.

    283,33 €
    3 weeks
  • large asymmetrical mirror in oak
    629,17 € 3 weeks

    Perfect for accessorizing the wall of an entrance, a corridor or a bedroom, choose the large multi-position mirror Ego in oak. Available in 2 shades of wood.

    629,17 €
    3 weeks
  • Ping Pong Mirror
    61,25 € In stock, ships in 24 h

    Discover your best reflect through this fun and decorative mirror designed by Reine Mère !

    61,25 €
    In stock, ships in 24 h
  • Copper mirrors Broste Copenhagen
    195,83 € Out of stock

    Already a classic, the asymmetrical mirrors of the Danish brand Broste Copenhagen are available here in a frameless copper tinted version.

    195,83 €
    Out of stock
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  • Pelle Mirror Broste Copenhagen
    149,17 € Out of stock

    Inspired by the Scandinavian design of the famous Broste Copenhagen brand, discover the Pelle oval mirror. A sublime wall mirror decorated with a black metal frame.

    149,17 €
    Out of stock
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  • Echo Mirror Umbra
    129,17 € Out of stock

    The Echo mirror lives up to its name thanks to its 3 movable rectangular panels that swivel and reflect the light to highlight your decoration. This is a beautiful contemporary mirror, ultra original and decorative.

    129,17 €
    Out of stock
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