The designer cushion can be placed in a sofa, on a bed, an armchair, a rug or even a swing. In fact, cushions are products that really personalise a home. That's why they come in all colours, sizes and designs.

  • For sofa cushion covers, you can choose a material that offers comfort and softness such as luxury velvet, organic cotton, linen, etc. Deco cushions are plain, striped, patterned or with original finishes. It is also a cushion that you can match with your bed bumper, your carpet, your curtains or your pillow.

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The design cushion: a cushion that combines comfort and quality

The design cushion consists of a filling and a cover. Some covers can be removed and washed or changed according to your decorative needs. When buying a design cushion, choose a quality product that is also comfortable.

The quality of manufacture of the sofa cushion and the decorative cushion

To provide you with all the comfort you need after a day's work or during your moments of relaxation, we take great care in the quality of manufacture of each decorative cushion. The materials of the cushions we offer for purchase are natural materials such as linen and cotton for a natural look, organic cotton for an eco-responsible product, corduroy for a luxury design sofa cushion, etc.

Stuffing is also very important in the design of a decorative cushion. Feather and down filling, for example, offers an incomparable soft touch. Polyester foam, velvet, organic fabric or GOTS-certified organic cotton - buy a sofa cushion that is pleasant to the touch and offers great value for money. A quality designer cushion is a decorative cushion whose foam does not sag over the weeks and which you can enjoy to the full.

The designer cushion: a cocooning and well-being option in every room of the house

On the bed in the bedroom, on the sofa or armchair in the living room, but also in the office or on a sun lounger, the design cushion can be used in any room of the house. It is an undeniable source of good humour and well-being. The reason it is so popular is that its materials are pleasant, such as cotton or velvet. But it is also because the decorative cushion can be removed from its cover and is therefore easy to maintain.

Rectangular cushion or square cushion, for a headboard or a sofa, you can use the zip on the cover. The removable cushion is a product that can be easily machine cleaned. This way, you can enjoy your favourite design cushion in all circumstances and prolong its life.

Personalise your home decor with a designer cushion

The cushion cover is made of linen, cotton or velvet. It can also be a beige cover, with a black or white pattern, etc. Each cover gives the design cushion its own personality which is then reflected in your interior. Modern, contemporary or classic, take advantage of a complete range of design cushions, high quality products available at low prices.

A design cushion for every style of decoration

The design cushion is a decorative object in itself. That's why we stock a complete range of design cushions. Printed or plain cushions, cushions with stripes or patterns, cushions with fringes or tassels, square or rectangular cushions, beige, ochre, red or pink cushions, choose the product that will enhance your interior design.

All homes have their own style, such as contemporary, modern or vintage. All sofa cushions also have their own style, so you can make a statement about your interior design. In a child's room, a living room or a parent's room, you can add a special touch to your decoration with a designer cushion available at a low price and shipped within a few days.

In addition, you can create a cushion set. This set of design cushions will be composed of products of different colours, shapes or materials.

How to choose your decorative cushion to assert your interior design

To choose your decorative cushion, you can match it to different elements of your interior such as curtains, a bed bumper, a pillow, the colour of the sofa, a garden chair cover, etc.

  •  Firstly, you can buy a sofa cushion that matches the colour of your curtains or sheers. It can also have complementary colours or identical patterns. For example, if your curtains or sheers are red or ochre, your designer cushion could be pink, white or beige.
  •  Secondly, your sofa cushion can match the colour and style of your sofa. Whether it's a sofa bed or a corner sofa, pay attention to its material and colours to buy the right sofa cushion.
  •  Thirdly, cushions can form a seamless collection with garden chair cushions. The chair cushion and the sofa cushion have the same colours to match your garden furniture or interior design.
  •  Fourthly, your design cushion can be matched with your floor mat. In this case, you can choose a pattern that complements the pattern of your floor mat or a colour from the colour palette of your floor mat.

You can decide to keep the same colour code as your linen or, on the contrary, break the codes and mix styles and colours with your cushion.

Our tips for buying a comfortable decorative cushion

To buy a comfortable, quality decorative cushion that fits in with your interior decoration, we suggest you follow three tips.

Dimensions, materials and finishes of the sofa cushion

As well as the finishes, the sizes of the cushions vary. This allows you to buy a decorative cushion adapted to your corner sofa, your bed, your armchair, etc. To find the right size, ask yourself if you will be using the design cushion on a garden chair, on a cot, on a sofa or on a large corner sofa.

The materials and finishes of the sofa cushion can affect the price. For example, a luxury velvet cushion made in France will cost more than a polyester foam cushion.

Finally, there are different types of finishes. The first type is the tassel cushion and the fringe cushion. The second type focuses on the quality of the workmanship: hand-embroidered designs, a work of art design embroidered with silky thread, a golden zip, etc.

The delivery method to select online when buying your designer cushion

If you buy your sofa cushion or a set of designer cushions in your favourite home decoration shop, you will of course benefit from free delivery. If you place your order on the online shop, you will find all the necessary information about delivery. For example, a product available in stock is shipped within 24 hours with very fast delivery to the address of your choice, in France or anywhere in the world.

Please contact us if you need special advice or further information about your purchase. We will be able to guide you through the list of design cushions available in stock. Design cushions can be a new source of inspiration for your home decoration. So, don't hesitate to ask us to make the best purchase and add some novelty to your home.

The price of the sofa cushion and the decorative cushion

Here is the last element to take into account when buying a design cushion: its price. Whether it's a black and red cushion, a cushion with tassels, a white linen cushion or a contemporary style cushion, the prices of each design cushion are clearly indicated in your shop or on the online store.

In addition, you will notice promotions on some cushions: in this case, you will not need a discount code. The promotion will be applied automatically when you pay. If you want to benefit from more discounts, the sales are the ideal time for cheap decorative cushions sales.

In conclusion, take advantage of our expertise and know-how and discover a complete range of designer cushions. These are original products that give you the possibility to personalise your interior decoration. Nature inspiration or bohemian inspiration, there is a sofa cushion for every style.

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  • Ferm Living Island Mirage square cushion
    57,50 € Out of stock

    A design cushion 100% cotton with graphic patterns inspired by oases and desert, so many elements cleverly balanced for a relaxing and natural atmosphere, by Ferm Living.

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  • Ferm Living Gate Mirage square cushion
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    The gates of the desert are open to you with the 100% cotton embroidered cushion Gate by Ferm Living. A superb ethnical cushion.

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