So why have I created a trendy, home decoration online boutique?


First of all, was inspired by a passionate interest in home decoration. 

For me, decoration is a form of creativeness; the creation of harmony in the space that exists between ourselves and the exterior world, and a living space that is an extension of who we are. In other words, our “home”. 

It is also a step forward towards one’s own well-being and the feeling of harmony. 


For this reason offers a selection of products that can offer you the possibility to feel good in your own home environment.

You'll find products on our website that are updated regularly and which also correspond to a variety of up to date trends. Some products may inspire you to remain comfortably at home while others may inspire you to travel, or even to feel contemplative. 


Whether our products lean toward being classic or contemporary and whether they originate from here or elsewhere, they are all stylish and will create a nice atmosphere in your home. 

Some of our products come in a limited series, most are limited in their distribution elsewhere and therefore remain unique, so despite their originality our products remain available. They also offer an alternative choice in relation to their quality as well adding a personal touch to your home interior. Apart from their functional and aesthetic value our products create a sense of well being.

So welcome to ! We select our products according to their aesthetic value, and their quality, originality and authenticity. 

As for the most important thing of all - the atmosphere that is created through placing elements within a space in order to create unity and harmony, that part will depend on you. 


Corinne Piot

Founder of




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