Tips for using oil lamps Opossum



Oil lamps and Edisun Fusion


Use this oil lamp that filled to 2 / 3 of its total capacity. When filling the bulb of oil, the body becomes transparent glass. Once the reserve of oil is consumed, the lamp returns to its original frosted.


Oil lamps T.A.E. 1879 and LuxLIGHT


Use these oil lamps up to 7 cm from the top edge. They retain their capillary action to a length of 12cm. After this limit, it is possible that the flame decreases.


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Making oil lamps Opossum


These oil lamps are manufactured and packed with great care.

The bulbs are special models. Small cracks on the glass part of the base are dark due to the manufacturing process: they are found on normal bulbs. The glass cylinders are made from natural materials.

The presence of minute inclusions is typical for borosilicate glass composed of high quality. Some thinners and solvents such as acetone may attack the base of the lamp.


Care of oil lamps


Use only oil or oil reserved for this purpose and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Wait until the wick is fully saturated with oil to turn it on.

Pure Deco offers paraffin oil compatible with these oil lamps.


To clean the cylinder, use only products for glass in common use.


Keep in mind that a flame is a source of danger. The glass can break the bulb too.


Never leave burning oil lamp unattended.


In case of light smoke, correct the position of the wick.

The strands of glass fibers used have a very long life.


We wish you a great time in the light of the oil lamp unique.




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