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We have selected for you ecological and design baby dishes, a set of baby cutlery made of bamboo fibre, a non-slip baby bowl or an ergonomic baby cup. The children's crockery set is safe for health, does not break and is recommended for daily use. So, to encourage learning to eat and to bring colour to baby's meals, we present you with all the characteristics of the ecological children's crockery set.

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Choosing quality for your child's dinnerware set

When it comes to baby's meals, it is advisable to choose natural and ecological products. For example, a set of bamboo tableware is ideal to help your child learn to eat.

An ecological children's tableware set made from bamboo fibre

For the feeding and meals of babies and young children, it is important to choose tableware adapted to their age. But it is also essential to choose children's crockery that is safe for their health. For this reason, we have selected a complete range of products offering a very good quality-price ratio. Thus, you will find in stock with a fast delivery :

  • a bamboo baby plate ;
  • a bamboo spoon for children
  • a bamboo anti-slip glass or cup;
  • a bamboo bowl with suction cup;
  • etc.

These products are sold in the form of a bamboo set or box. Bamboo fibre is a natural material that is light, biodegradable, shock-resistant and non-toxic. The bamboo children's tableware set therefore contains no phthalates, PVC or BVA. A food-grade melamine resin is added to all parts of the bamboo set.

Similarly, the designs on the Ekobo cutlery and children's tableware are made with soy ink, which is suitable for food use. It is therefore a real ecological meal set and an ecological tableware set that you can buy for your baby in our shop or on our online sales site.

In our shop, you will also find in stock a children's tableware set made of silicone. Silicone, which is not plastic, is made from the processing of silicon, which is a natural and abundant raw material. A silicon dinnerware set is also a very good value for money children's dinnerware set.

A gift idea to add to the birth list: the ecological children's tableware set

Because the children's tableware set is organic, ecological and environmentally friendly, it is a good idea to add it to a birth list. As useful as it is aesthetic, ecological and practical, the set of silicone baby dishes is a birth gift idea that will charm young parents at every mealtime. Here is an example of the kind of tableware and cutlery you can buy to celebrate the birth of your baby:

  • a set of ecological silicone tableware available in stock;
  • a set of cutlery to help with feeding;
  • children's tableware in red, green, blue, grey, pink, etc. ;
  • a first age plate with suction cup;
  • a children's tableware set made of bamboo with a food-grade melamine resin additive;
  • etc.

For your birth gift, opt for quality at the best price and for French know-how by choosing a children's tableware set designed and manufactured by a French brand, such as Ekobo.

To simplify the life of young parents at mealtimes and to help children become independent, the ecological tableware is unbreakable, light and solid. Moreover, the children's crockery kit, in powder pink, beige, green or red, is dishwasher-safe and can be used every day from a very young age.

Learning to eat independently with the children's crockery set

Learning to eat is an essential part of a child's development, and you can support this with items specially designed for babies. A non-slip child's bowl, a suction cup under the bamboo plate and a baby glass with ergonomic handles, everything has been designed to help baby and child at mealtime.

Children's crockery items that promote learning

Dony by Deer, Beaba, Ekobo, Little Jellycat or Lässig, many brands have designed tableware for children. The children's tableware that we have selected for you in our shop is ecological children's tableware specially designed to promote learning to eat. Indeed, plate, glass, spoon, cup or bowl, all the pieces of the set of tableware for baby and child have been thought to accompany the child on the road to autonomy.

For example, you will find a child's plate with suction cups in stock. The suction cup is easy to place on the table and keeps the plate in place throughout the meal. The suction cup has a small tab so that you can easily remove it at the end of the meal.

Instead of the suction cup, you can also find another type of dish in stock. In fact, to prevent the child's plate from slipping off the table at mealtime, some plates have an anti-slip underside, such as the children's plates designed by the French brand Ekobo.

Early years crockery is also ergonomic crockery. Each glass, bowl and spoon has been meticulously worked so that baby's and child's little hands can grasp them easily. Similarly, the added handles on the glass allow the child to learn how to eat and drink independently. Finally, the cup has a removable and flexible top, a lid that serves to protect baby's teeth and gums.

Design and colours to please children and make them want to use their children's tableware set at mealtimes

In order for baby and child to want to use their ecological and ergonomic tableware during mealtime, it is necessary that they like it. So we have selected original bamboo or silicone pieces to make up a set of children's tableware offering very good value for money.

When selecting your children's crockery, you will have the choice of colours from a long list of pieces that encourage learning to eat:

  • a red baby spoon ;
  • a powder pink baby plate;
  • a white non-slip child's glass;
  • an almond green silicone bowl for children
  • a red ecological child plate
  • a beige baby cup;
  • bamboo cutlery for babies;
  • and so on.

Similarly, your Ekobo children's crockery set can be in a single colour or in different colours.

In addition to the choice of colours, you can also select a children's tableware set with illustrations. The drawings on the cutlery and the children's crockery are based on themes they like, such as the sea, the jungle, the mountains, etc.

Available from a young age, the baby tableware is ecological, colourful, designer, bamboo or silicone. Appealing to both children and parents, the baby dinnerware set remains a very good idea for a newborn gift.

In conclusion, the children's crockery set is a product that should protect the health of children while helping them to learn about food. To do this, buy a set of ecological children's tableware that children will enjoy using at mealtimes.

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  • Plain Children's Tableware Set Ekobo
    21,58 € Out of stock

    Ekobo offers you an ecological material for a nice bamboo baby feeding set.

    21,58 €
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  • Trees children's tableware set Ekobo
    21,58 € Out of stock

    This fun bamboo children's tableware set from the Bambino Ekobo collection will happily accompany your children's meals.

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  • Seas children's tableware set Ekobo
    21,58 € Out of stock

    Composed of a bowl, a plate, a spoon and a cup, this bamboo and soy ink dish set is designed to fit the little hands of children.

    21,58 €
    Out of stock
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  • Silicone Baby Dish Set Ekobo
    33,33 € Out of stock

    Ekobo accompanies you on a daily basis with this silicone baby dish set. Colourful and practical, it will quickly become indispensable during meals.

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