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  • Rader

    For more than 52 years now, Räder's team of professionals has been innovating and working to offer ever more elegant and surprising porcelain decoration accessories.

    A team of human and professional designers

    All Räder products are created with the idea that beauty is based on simplicity and detail. Made of porcelain, the decorative objects designed by Räder combine purity and distinction, and provide a serene and relaxing atmosphere that is essential to any interior design.
    A true large-scale family business, Räder has creative workshops in Asia and Europe, as well as distribution points all over the world. But despite the distance, all the teams progress by collaborating: the creators work hand in hand with the marketing and communication team to design decorative objects that meet the expectations and demands of customers.
    Entirely handmade, Räder's home decoration and outdoor decoration accessories are made entirely of recyclable materials. The production techniques used are based on traditional models that respect the environment and use only local products.

    A wide choice of designer and elegant objects

    The atmosphere of a home is influenced by its decoration, and the Räder team has understood this! This is why it uses all its know-how to achieve excellence, and to offer discreet but remarkable design decorations, available on Pure Deco. From small decorative love messages to work equipment and useful kitchen decorations, it is possible to dress each room with a touch of romantic poetry.
    Love and serenity are the key words of the Räder design team, which gathers in Germany to imagine the design of the collections. These are renewed regularly throughout the year, in order to provide decorative ideas and gift ideas according to the seasons and events.
    The painting on white porcelain made in a traditional way gives a warm and sweet atmosphere in the living rooms. Thanks to the sleek design of Räder products, it is possible to have a rich decoration without cluttering it up. The decorative pieces are of all sizes and shapes, so there is something for everyone. Find your happiness!

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  • Reine Mère

    Reine Mere design

    Reine Mere : Stéphane Olivier and Didier Lachaize founded their handicraft production line in a Frenchy fresh atmosphere. They created a cheerful and stimulating world in which they can unite forces to fashion amazing objects. A few years after Reine Mère launch, they founded a publishing house which immediately became widely renowned.
    Converting everyday accessories into works of art is a breeze for these talented designers. They focus their imagination on daily life improvement to create unique yet simple articles. This vision will become their guideline. Decoration lovers cannot but be seduced by the idea.

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  • Remember

    Remember design
    First of all, Remember is a very modern design trends with decorative objects with very affordable prices. The German designer is known for very creative and colorful graphics that are found in several sets of objects as their wastebaskets, their wall lamps, their kitchen accessories such as dishes, wooden trays or salt and pepper sets or series of games for children, so imaginative and colorful. Young and old can therefore fall for all these fun designed decorative objects and highly original forms. Remember design has won numerous awards as designers of the "Chicago Design Awards' 2010 and Reddot award, which emphasizes quality design objects.

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  • Salty Design

    Surf table

    Born from the meeting between the surfer Benjamin Rossillon and the designer Philippe Tissot, Salty Design is inspired by marine waves to bring surfing spirit in your interior, through a new range of furniture and decorative objects.

    At the crossroads of design and surfing, the French brand conveys a contemporary but authentic vision of design.

    Salty Design transposes the art of surfboard shape to furniture. Each piece is unique, handmade, dated and signed.

    A tribute to Scandinavian design, the Salty style is simple, functional and bold. A wide range of indoor and outdoor surf tables, poufs, coat racks, clocks, wall print, shopping bags, beach towels and cushions, which enhance the original object that is the surfboard.

    Surf the wave of the Salty Design trend with our selection of Bolge surfboard coffee tables and exclusive prints.

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  • Sandhi

    Sandhi blanket

    Sandhi is a French-Indian socially responsible brand, born from the initiative of two friends, Charles and Kamal, to preserve the Indian craft trades. Sandhi, which means union and harmony, strives to create quality products combining traditional craft and modern designs.

    For its creations, the brand draws inspiration from an ancestral know-how that is emblematic of India and creates a collection of scarves and chic and ethical blanket for sofa.

    Pure Deco invites you to discover this colourful and soft universe to cocoon comfortably in your sofa.

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  • SCP

    SCPIn the middle of the 80's, SCP, a British firm, begins to produce small pieces of furniture. Thanks to qualified artisan's knowledge, they fashion high quality articles. Their concept is targeted at creating innovative high quality furniture. This brand employs gifted men and women from Europe and India. Each worker possesses a specific knowledge. Sewers, arras-makers, developers and product designers form part of a creative family working hard to develop new products to satisfy decoration lovers.
    Their durable wooden creations brings a touch of nature into your home. You can also create your own universe with SCP zigzag pouffes since these colourful cushions will suit every room.

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  • Studio Cheha

    3D lamp

    Led by Israeli designer Nir Joseph Chehakowski, Studio Cheha combines art and design by creating unique, functional and original products. The ambition of the studio: divert your perception by playing with 2D to create a 3D effect. The rendering is breathtaking!

    A true jewel of design and technology, Bulbing 3D lamps create a perfect optical illusion and optimize space. Each model is made from a thin sheet of acrylic glass that has benn laser engraved to create light-emitting 3-D forms.

    World renown some of these exceptional lamps are exhibited at the Center Pompidou in Paris and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA).
    Pure Deco invites you to discover through its selection 3D bulbing lamps Ziggi, Deski and Bloom.

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  • Superliving

    Super Living

    Welcome to the playful and contemporary world of Super Living. Created in 2009 by the couple Anette Stabel and Jesper Binger, the Danish brand democratizes Scandinavian design by offering decorative everyday objects that are resolutely well thought out and in tune with the times.
    The creators of Superliving like to work with the shapes and colours of 1950s and 1960s design in materials such as metal and porcelain. Original creations with an elegant design in noble materials.
    Their design signature is this retro inspiration skilfully revisited in shapes and tones as fresh as they are cheerful.

    Pure Deco invites you to discover the collection of Super Living luminaires at a very affordable price considering their quality.

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  • Tsé Tsé Associées

    Tse Tse

    Catherine and Sigolène‘s story alias Tsé & Tsé begins of at the release of the National School of Industrial Design in Paris where they make in a small workshop, rubber jewels.
    Then, 2 creators dash into the creation of objects for the house with functional and original collections which are sold today all over the world.
    In 1993, they expose(to the gallery Sentou, the road towards the success is underway.
    Vase of April, Lying mirror, Cloudy glass, grinds Crater, Starving flatware or still alarm clock Ventriloquist, Tsé & Tsé did not stop surprising by creating moved products become the timeless successes.

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  • Umasqu

    Umasqu is a brand of modern and unique wall decorations. Its founder, Tzachi Nevo, began working with three-dimensional creations of familiar images such as human faces and animal heads.
    Reducing Urban Masquerade, Umasqu wall decorations are inspired by an abstract graphic aesthetic between steampunk and cubism. They bring a very special atmosphere to an interior: a touch of originality between futuristic design and realistic inspirations.
    All Umasqu decorative parts are manufactured in Tel Aviv. Tzachi Nevo is famous for its custom-designed walls, commissioned by Waze or the Strauss Group: Israel's leading coffee company.
    Concerned about creating affordable art while continuing to play with familiar faces, Umasqu continues to create surreal decorative pieces. For example, his latest Modern African collection is inspired by the great tradition of African masks and their inherent lack of realism.
    Made up of layers that combine different wood species, some of these hand-painted masks may look similar, but none are exactly the same.
    Discover a world of bewitching colours and ephemeral escapes where the slightest glance will seem to you to be the first, thanks to the unique character of each creation.
    Through its wall decorations, Umasqu invites your interior to a unique journey where imperfection makes the work only perfect…

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